1. Laron

    Holding the Line at Camp Freedom, Wellington, New Zealand

    I’ve spent about a day putting this one hour video together, which is a documentary of sorts. On February 10, 2022, protesters standing on Parliament lawn near the Beehive in Wellington, New Zealand, were surrounded by hundreds of police. From about 8:30am until around 4:30pm, the police...
  2. Laron

    Police Report Filed Against NZ Health Minister Andrew Little

    Yesterday in New Zealand, a large group of over 200 gathered in support of Taranaki engineer Brett Power, who filed a report with the Police providing evidence on the Health Minister Andrew Little for manslaughter and other charges with relation to his role in the plandemic. The police...
  3. Laron

    Dr Hoffe: 62% of his Vaccinated Patients Have Blood Clots

    In the video below, Dr. Charles Hoffe discusses treating his patients which he’s vaccinated and how the vaccines are medically inducing disease. He said at first he was clueless when his patients asked for help after getting vaccinated. He contacted his health officer and nobody knew at the...
  4. Laron

    Graphene Oxide (Masks, Vaccines, PCR Swabs) & Healing

    Via Forbidden Knowledge TV (July 8, 2021): Yesterday’s video with Dr Ruby on Stew Peters’ show has gone viral. A Serbian subscriber saw it and put me onto the source, a group in Spain called “La Quinta Columna” (“The 5th Column”), who put out this video by biostatistician, Ricardo Delgado. It is...
  5. Laron

    You have to be emotionally strong because it's getting real

    Ralph Smart gives a 22 minute talk (July 11) about our times and tells us we need to be emotionally strong right now because of what is to come, and what people are waking up to just now. Ralph's YouTube channel, Infinite Waters (Diving Deep), has 1.92 million subscribers.
  6. Laron

    Reiner Fuellmich & Class Action Law Suit Filed in June 2021

    In this video trial lawyer of 26 years, Reiner Fuellmich, who’s 'one of four members of the German CORONA investigative committee, explains that the committee has been listening to a large number of scientists and expert testimonies to find answers to questions about the CORONA crisis. He makes...
  7. Brad

    Article My Guides Response to the Coronavirus and Lockdown

    I asked my Guides for their view and perspective on the Coronavirus and Lockdown. I received the following as automatic writing last night. This was their response. Because Earth is a free-will planet, both the dark and light are allowed to play out. Each time the dark have a negative plan it...
  8. Lila

    Dogs for diagnosing corona

    Not only are they cute and cuddly but dog's are capable of doing so much more if we pay attention. Here is an article on their ability to sniff out the pandemic with numbers that outdo the current tests we use. Just imagine if streamlined this kind of detection system. It would make so much...