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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
I just finished reading George Anderson's newest book (2016), "Life Between Heaven and Earth", and I'm in absolute awe at the healing nature of this work. Yes, it's the usual glimpse at the Spirit World and messages from Loved Ones who have passed over, but I feel it's even more about healing--healing the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves.

While the book covers the predictable topics of life after death and provides a great deal of comfort about death, I was amazed and very pleased to learn that I actually felt deeply "connected" with at least two of the stories at a soul level. In both of those cases, the people having a reading grew up in very dysfunctional families. Much like I did growing up, these two people were rather "sensitive" souls and experienced a great deal of discord, anger, and emotional abuse growing up. During their readings, their Loved Ones provided much valuable insight, support, and encouragement so that they could find greater understanding--and more importantly, healing, from their challenging experiences.

With nearly every paragraph of these two stories, I found myself nodding in agreement--because I too had gone through very similar experiences and felt exactly the same way. While I already know that my parents did the best they could during what must have been difficult times and I have already found a great deal of peace with my upbringing, the book helped me to reach a new level of understanding about things. These two stories allowed me to remember, look closely at, and appreciate exactly how far I've come as a result of these experiences.

I'm grateful for my learning and I'm very grateful for this book as well, for it helped make it abundantly clear that every experience is important. Every person and every circumstance is important...and all are Loved, equally and unconditionally.

If you have had challenges of your own in life, whether or not you experienced a fearful or insecure childhood, I highly recommend this book. You might just learn what you need to understand, appreciate, and move on from some of the many anchors you may find that are holding you back today.

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