crop circles

  1. Laron

    Crop Circle COVID-19 & Spike Proteins

    The COVID crop circle manifested on May 28, 2020 in Potterne Field, nr. Devizes, Wiltshire in South West England. Professor Jerry Kroth attempted to decode the circle in consultation with a biologist, microbiologist, and virologist. It showed the virus at a magnification of 12 million and...
  2. therium

    My take on telepathy

    I wanted to share my take on telepathy since I talk to spirits. Yes I was shocked when I started "hearing" them, and they kept coming back, and one was giving good advice. They were trying to help me. But it's not a voice in my head. It's more like ideas, or words, in my head and somehow I know...
  3. Sean

    How Crop Circles are Formed

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  4. David Topi

    New Crop Circles | David Topi

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  5. David Topi

    Crop Circle in Buckland Down, Dorset (England) from May 26

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  6. David Topi

    Programs that Slow Down Situations and Events of Our Reality

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  7. David Topi

    The Source of Crop Circles & Decoding one at Willoughby Hedge, UK

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  8. Henda

    UFO's Filmed Crop Circle 18/7/17

    The crop circle I have been witnessing during my Out of body Experience on July 18/19 is the first one you can see on this video. I know I have been there in the pleiadian starship. Amazing ! Here is another one from the 5 of August an Octagon Geometry very beautiful
  9. Stargazer

    The Origin of the CSETI Logo

    I just received a newsletter from Dr. Greer's CSETI today that had an interesting account on crop circles and how their logo came to be. I thought some of you might appreciate reading about it as well: The origin of the CSETI logo as told by Shari Adamiak in 1997 Some of you, I'm sure, have...
  10. Stargazer

    An Interesting Analysis of 2015-2016 Crop Circles

    This is a quite interesting analysis of several recent crop circles by Dr. Horace Drew Ph.D. , including the "Mothership" circle from last August. I've only watched the first hour, but the analysis seems compelling thus far. Dr. Drew drifts a bit into the "negative realms" with some discussion...
  11. Samara

    Human history - spirit science

    here's another video of spirit science (just posted one already in the forum about sacred geometry and cropcircles) I really love this one... explains so much about previous conciousness shift and our falling into 3rd dimension... even though we can never know if all details are true but it...
  12. Laron

    What is your favorite crop circle?

    Have you ever come across a crop circle that just really stood out to you? What is your favorite one? It may be hard to go back and find the exact one, but you could have remembered some key elements to it such as the physical location and a part of the pattern or design that came up at the...
  13. Laron

    Crop Circle from Nursteed Farm, Wiltshire, England

    Drone footage in a seven minute video is here: From Bernie in Unspun yesterday. (
  14. Samara

    new cropcircles

    thought I'd create a thread where you can post new cropcircles when they pop up :D here's one I just found from 3rd august 2016... thats really a weird one... found it on here: wonder if this is a real authentic one or manmade..
  15. Brian

    Crop Circles

    I've never seen a Crop Circle up close and personal, but that doesn't stop me from believing in their authenticity. From: Then again, I won't fool myself and believe all of them are real. Some people do like to pull pranks...