1. June

    Microsoft Patent To Use Human Biology to Mine Cryptos - Good Idea or Doorway to the Matrix?

    In June 2019 (international date), Microsoft filed a patent and in March 2020 it was made public. The patent is in process and has not been approved as of the date of this thread. The abstract reads: Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process...
  2. Laron

    New Zealand Tax Office Makes It Legal to Pay Salaries in Crypto

    This is a major move ahead, and positive move of course, for cryptocurrencies. CoinDesk published this earlier this week: "New Zealand’s tax office, the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), has made it legal to receive salaries in cryptocurrency, and be taxed accordingly. In its August bulletin...
  3. Moonseal

    Bitcoin and Ethereum will free us

    After reading a ton about the cypher punk movement (the cryptographers who were concerned about the internet and the degradation of our privacy), I am convinced that Satoshi Nakamoto was a psuedynom for one person. I suspect that he was Hal Finney. Blockchain has the ability to FREE the human...
  4. Bill

    A Primer on Crytpo's

    For those thinking about it and first steps, this may be helpful.
  5. Bill

    Clif on his return to deep woo and why he's emphasized Bitcoin

    Here's a couple of minute extract from an ~2.5 hour interview Clif High recently did with Off Planet Media discussing Time and the ever present now. This extract comes from the last few minutes of the interview. In it Clif reveals he is going to be bringing forward more of the deep woo he used...
  6. Bill

    Post-blockchain...where things are moving as Bitcoin won't cut it for the longer term

    Bitcoin - I'm a fan. It is the poster-child for thinking differently about our currency and the way things work in the economy. It's a highly disruptive catalyst for change, and that is, I believe, for the good. Yet Bitcoin, and the blockchain technology on which it and other crypto-currencies...
  7. Bill

    Promoted Clif's latest (Nov 2017) - It's about to get wild!

    Regular readers of this forum may recall that Clif (Clif High at said a couple of months ago that he no longer intends to publish his monthly ALTA report (aka Webbot reports) which, based on his predictive linguistics methodology, provided future forecasts of what may be...
  8. Bill

    Churn in the Crypto World

    The last few weeks have seen a lot of churn in the crypto world. BTC briefly touched $5000USD/BTC and then fell back to about $3000. (But has been recovering nicely these past few days). I believe this churn is the result of blockchain technology based "currencies" getting their legs and...
  9. Laron

    Ethereum Vs. Bitcoin: What You Need To Know

    By Alanna Ketler via CE (August 29, 2017) {Posted with permission} Cryptocurrency: It’s become a trending word in recent years, specifically in relation to Bitcoin. Many people already know about Bitcoin and perhaps some have even invested in it or use it as currency, but what about other...
  10. Bill

    Bitcoin documentary on Netflix

    Being house-bound these past days due to the storm I've found some time to surf through things on Netflix I've wanted to see. Yesterday watched a quite interesting 2017 documentary on Bitcoin around what it is and how it works, and the challenges it's had in it's early days and where it may be...
  11. Bill

    Blockchain antics

    The last week to 10 days has seen a lot of action in the pricing of various crypto currencies. First they were hammered down quite a lot (BTC briefly fell below $2000USD/BTC). And then the last 48 hrs have seen a nice recovery to above $2700. Much of the market action was tied to a critical...
  12. Laron

    Cryptocurrencies — Your Experience

    I want to see if anyone out there is mining any cryptocurrencies at the moment. It seems that for investment purposes, cryptocurrency is the way to go because of how popular they are becoming. I posted this topic on this board because the webbot had a major role in alerting people about bitcoin...
  13. Moonseal

    Venezuelans Rely on Bitcoin to Survive, Disregard Fiat Completely (this is actually good news!)

    "Hyperinflation and financial crisis within Venezuela worsened after the Venezuelan government released the new 100-bolivar banknotes in mid-December of 2016. The government announced that within 72 hours that all 100-bolivar bills, which according to the NY Times account for over three-quarters...
  14. Vickie

    A Worldwide Cashless Society - Beware

    Make no mistake, a cashless society does not mean a non-monetary society. The money simply goes digital. It's the same monetary slave system that we live in currently except it's much more controlled. There has been a push towards digital money for years. I've always had a strong feeling that...
  15. Laron

    Hillary Missing, Bitcoin Rise, ET Cruise Ship Flyby | Webbot Wujo — October 11th, 2016

    laron submitted a new article. Hillary Missing, Bitcoin Rise, ET Cruise Ship Flyby | Webbot Wujo — October 11th, 2016 A couple of days back Clif High released a new webbot based Wujo talking about the immediate future in terms of what the future forecasting software, the...
  16. Laron

    Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies & The Future of Money

    laron submitted a new article. Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies & The Future of Money Neha Narula talks about the future of money in this TED talk. Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, are becoming the future of money. In such a world where digital currency is becoming the...
  17. John Swails

    Wujo Updates

    Clifs wujo updates are coming weekly now. Ill post them here when they come in. Here is the latest from last night about bitcoin.