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Jul 21, 2016
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Regular readers of this forum may recall that Clif (Clif High at said a couple of months ago that he no longer intends to publish his monthly ALTA report (aka Webbot reports) which, based on his predictive linguistics methodology, provided future forecasts of what may be coming in our world. Over the past year plus Clif has turned much of his attention to the topic of cryptocurrencies and the impacts they are having in his world. He also became frustrated with the broader forecast challenges when he learned that much of his data history had become corrupted in the past couple of years by what he less-than-affectionately termed, 'the blue chicken cult.' (You can go back through his twitter history and various interviews during the last year if you want to learn more.)

Clif is still publishing a report every 4-6 weeks. He terms these his Bare Naked Wealth reports and they have a much greater focus on the world of cryptocurrencies. However, the rest of the world DOES impact, in a large way, the uptake of and growing interest in various cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and many others). So he does report on those things.

Today (12-Nov-2017), Clif published his latest report (available for purchase at his website noted above). At 41 pages it includes quite an extensive section on what is happening in our world before he dives into the specific implications for various coins. Of note, he says that the period of Nov 18-21 (give or take a few days given error range in his data/methodology) will be the start of a very significant time of 'secrets revealed.' The specifics of secrets revealed are not available in the data but it causes the start of a 'crazy shit wave' where the mass of humanity is initially stunned at the information that comes out. Areas affected include money, the economy, economic politics, and related market activities of all kinds. And stuff keeps coming out for another two years spreading further into other areas. The emotional intensity is highest at the start and then tapers off (but still remains significant) as we collectively become more used to the crazy wave of shit happening. We reset the stops on our crazy meters.

A short extract (please purchase the full report if interested, it has much more in there) may be illuminating of where he forecasts things are heading:

To sum up, long held, deeply buried, secrets are going to be exposed over the next eight months such that the global (mostly western republics) mindset (paradigm) is going to be reset at significant levels allowing major changes to manifest in the larger social order patterns producing alterations that will be still affecting humanity a decade later.

Our data sets have the current 'turmoil (at the top of) empire' being a process that will engage us all for the next 2/two years (more or less) in an 'active' sense, which is to say with 'arrests', 'drama', 'deaths', 'betrayal', 'revenge', 'chaos (seemingly)', and many other emotionally laden linguistic structures being forecast to manifest across media during these very intense months.

As a central theme within our data sets about these upcoming (nearly) 2/two years, revolves around a 'mind breaking' or 'mental breakdown' process as many people within the 'mainstream' of USAPop attempt to 'integrate' the very 'disturbing' information that will be first 'bubbling up (like champagne when initially the bottle is opened)', then 'gushing up', and then 'pouring out' in 'steady streams'. The good news for the many people who will be so 'affected internally' that their 'internal world view' will be 'shattered', is that the period of the 'outpouring' is within the 'early months' of this time. As modelspace is progressed forward through the last month of 2017 and into 2018, the 'destruction' of the 'false image (of USAPop) reality' is indicated to be 'assaulted (from without)' while 'crumbling (from within)'. The sets involved with the 'breakdowns (of) officialdom paradigm' are extensively cross linked over to the entirety of CryptoSpace. The impacts forecast from this linkage is in support of the idea of a 'great awakening' that is described as 'running through' USAPop (and the dollar tied western republics) over this next year, that, as part of its 'symptoms' will bring about an 'increase', 'ratcheting up', 'escalating' of the 'public viewing of national finances'. This, in its turn, will not be good for the 'dollar based empire paradigm'.
So yep, a bit of change may be starting quite soon! In a broader sense my feel is that the dissolution of the old systems, while messy and uncomfortable, is necessary to make space for new and better ways to emerge and take root. We collectively have called these changes into manifestation as we are unsatisfied with the world as it is and know we want it to change. Via our intentions, thoughts become things. As always.

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Jul 28, 2016
The emotional intensity is highest at the start and then tapers off (but still remains significant) as we collectively become more used to the crazy wave of shit happening. We reset the stops on our crazy meters.
Well kids, it does look like we’ve got our work cut out for us!


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