You owe yourself the love that you give so freely to others (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
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It’s easy to keep on giving, yet forget about the most important thing — you. To really be effective, we have to dedicated time to focus on ourselves, otherwise when we do help others we won’t do such a good job and may even cause them harm, which could include passing on negative energy that we weren’t aware of.


It’s alright to say no to people. It is fine to take some alone time and be selfish.

Whatever relaxes you and provides pleasure, treat yourself. Don’t forget. Put in a reminder if you have to.

Here’s a few things that are especially important and helpful:

• clearing and protecting your energy through a range of techniques from, visualisations (such as rain coming down over you), smudging, incense, sea salt in the bath and around your home/business, crystals such as shungite, and obsidian and clear quartz on your body and around your space
• always remain positive and use higher vibrational thoughts and ideas for manifestation
• continue on with the healing journey, as it’s a lifelong process; keep connecting with the inner child and returning to the shadow self to examine if anything needs additional work; reflect on day to day events and address actions and reactions of you and others
• to ground, there’s so many ways to connect with the earth such as walking on it with bare feet, hiking in nature, using a plant medicine that is more focused on Gaia than the universe, wading through the ocean and/or playing in the waves, etc.
• let go of that which does not serve you; sometimes it’s time to move on from things, and people
• repeat affirmations that relate to giving yourself love, which could be as simple as ‘I love you’

The more you shine, the more love you will give without having to consciously do anything.
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