1. Laron

    You owe yourself the love that you give so freely to others

    It’s easy to keep on giving, yet forget about the most important thing — you. To really be effective, we have to dedicated time to focus on ourselves, otherwise when we do help others we won’t do such a good job and may even cause them harm, which could include passing on negative energy that we...
  2. Lila

    Plants for Protection webinar; free

    From the Shift network which has come up with loads of good shows, tips and ideas, there is a video by David Crow on Plants for Protection here: Medicinal Plants for Protection with David Crow It features "easy-to-use, practical remedies for healing respiratory challenges, addressing digestive...
  3. transients

    How to Manage Dark Energy and Entity Attacks Fast and Efficiently submitted a new article. Continue to the full article here.
  4. Laron

    Promoted Create Your Own Energetic Mechanism

    For Earth incarnates there exists the ability for those who pick up psychic information, to create watchers, or sensors — a thought form created device that can be left or sent to a certain place with the intention of monitoring what takes place there. The data gathered can then be accessed at...
  5. Vickie

    The Warrior in the Modern Age

    January 13th, 2017 By Stefan H. Verstappen Guest writer for Wake Up World Just as they did in civilizations throughout history, our current regimes are doing everything in their power to rid our culture of the positive masculine principles embodied by the warrior… The phrase ‘the way of...