Vera Ingeborg: On the Speedtrain-The Resurrection Pathway (1 Viewer)

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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
I thought this recent article by Vera Ingeborg struck a lot of resonant notes. The "train" reference was an added synchronicity, considering yesterday's post about my recent dream. In that, a number of folks were joining me on a train (of sorts) to The New Earth.

Here are a few quotes that stuck out to me as important:

"The triggers are huge. And they need to be, because it is a big final cleansing to prepare us for a new cycle of co-creation. So take the trigger and leave the rest. They are really serving us to move through the shifts as quickly as possible. And that needs our acceptance instead of going into another round of fighting, ignoring, or freezing. Although very uncomfortable, the shifts are also happening much quicker than before."

"The world is waking up and in complete chaos. And as soon as the dust settles, a lot of people will reach out for support to find answers and a way how to deal with what is going on. It has already started, and we can notice that people are a lot more open and receptive to the information we are transmitting and the lifestyle we are living..." (Stargazer's note: I have really noticed this in my own experience! Many people who rejected "woo-woo" ideas before seem much more open to them now.)

"We are all asked to help people into their own power, by being spaceholders and available to them when they are reaching out for help to find their truth. By asking the right questions and giving right impulses instead of giving them the answers, we help them the quickest way."

"Today, the equinox will further push us into the final phase of this part of the process until Easter. In an 11 year this energy is very powerful and we are completely reborn as our old memory and way of linear thinking and acting is dissolved. We are reborn as the clean, authentic true selfs we are. Anything that does not align with that is falling away."​

Another thing that I just LOVE about Vera is that she expressly claims no copyright. She considers her posts as Universal Wisdom and shares them freely with all!

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