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Trump's nuclear button is larger than Kim Jong Un's


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A few months ago, I had a vision of the world leaders reading from a script, and that pretty much sums up my feelings about the whole situation. It reads like a soap opera - too bad "As the World Turns" is taken.

Kevin C

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Here's another viewpoint from US internal - and no, I'm politically a centrist, I am neither Democrat nor Republican.

Look at how three decades of diplomacy with NK has yielded - nothing but money down the drain, endless cycle of threats for more money and food. Basically Blackmail. Same with PLA. Same with Pakistan.
Yes, agreed - Trump's actions and words are childish.... but... there's a method behind the madness.
In addition, even the Chinese and Russians have realized they have a firecracker in their backyard - the guy is literally destroying a mountain for nuclear testing that will release 1000x more radiation than Fukushima once it collapses. That amount of radiation will render all of Asian northeast uninhabitable forever.
They don't want to publicly say it but they know something needs to be done.
Both have already amassed troops and readied refugee centers on the borders.
Now... here's the chicken-egg question. Did KJU accelerate tests due to Trump, or was his plan all along to do tests no matter what (due to Libya, which is under Obama-Clinton)? We will never know the answer to this.
Trump essentially inherited the problem created by Obama-Clinton. He just took a different tackle to the solution.

There are those of us (me included) in the United States who look at this - laugh at all the hysterics. Sorry, but what Trump is doing is showing the absurdity of "diplomatic relations" for ALL to see. And there have been lots of investigations in Obama-Clinton that are now surfacing (emails, uranium one, hezbollah, Obama deliberately outing CIA agents and killing them for political gains - Iran deal, etc. etc.)
BTW - a lot of stuff is coming out this year. There will be indictments of the previous administration in 2018.

Soooo..... tell me: do you want a boorish person who wears his heart on his sleeve and actually cares about his country, or do you want some "good talking" face who is actually destroying the country from within?
Turn around and ask yourself what kind of leader you prefer.

For the Canadians - ask those who live near the US border how their towns/cities are faring with the influx of illegals and refugees. Please don't be as brainwashed as the liberals in the US are.
Simply put -
(1) would you leave your front door open so anyone can come in and use it?
(2) would you tear down your walls so anyone can enter your backyard?
(3) would you let anyone come in and raid your fridge, without paying?
Cognitive dissonance is very heavy these days, I understand it is hard to reconcile the questions with what Trump is doing vs. what Clinton would have done.

BTW - I'm anticipating a huge increase in homeless population, diseases, and crime in CA due to the "sanctuary state" policy. San Diego is under a heavy Hep A outbreak already, plus exploding homeless. Only a matter of time.

Those of you who are outside the US, please understand we are aware of the optics of Trump. But Americans are tired of being laughingstocks just kowtowing to every demand out there and just "acting nice" (China trade imbalance), throwing money needlessly with little return (see Pakistan, Iran, NK).

All u need to know about what's happening in the US in 2017 are: factories are humming and increasing employment, energy industry is slowly coming back, businesses adapting and actually hiring, companies are paying bonuses and planning to repatriate their international profits back to US (this is why EU and China balked, because it will accelerate the drain of capital from their unstable financial systems). Government is taking care of its own citizens, and slowly shrinking the overreach of government itself.
This is what is supposed to happen to any normal country (just like a household, do you keep your money in some other country? or do you keep your money in your local bank where you can access it?)

And no, the ones who are hysterical and screaming alarmists in the US are mostly Democrats (true - I see it everyday, esp in California). Normal Americans from all walks of life (the ones that actually "own" stuff, "produce" stuff, work for a living, paying taxes, etc.) all look at this and laugh all day long.
Unfortunately, the problem for internationals is - ALL US-based media are liberal (Democrat politics). So everything you see is through liberal lens. They exaggerate everything Trump says and does. For someone like me, its ridiculous how absurd this is. But unfortunately, all my friends in Asia and Europe are brainwashed by the liberal media, so I have no choice either way. A few actually look at "independent" Russia Today and see a glimmer of the truth, which is ironic. :)

Anyways, my two cents.

So Laron, please, just come to the US. As long as you stay away from some of the "bad" urban, high-crime centers like Chicago, Baltimore, etc., and you stay out of political discourse like I do, you'll be fine. :)


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Kevin, you've explained it brilliantly. Although I knew about the mountain, I did not realize that its collapse would cause so much trouble.

Among family and some friends, no one is unhappy with Trump, although sometimes we could do without some of the tweets.
Every now and then I come across someone who is fearful of what he is doing, and I find out they are getting their news from the MSM. I look at RT and Zerohedge when I want some news.

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Kevin, thanks for your view which feels balanced. It takes a lot of heart and a lot of guts for any president of any country to expose their jugular, OK their whole neck, in order to get the moving parts moving again.

An aged resident asked me today what my view of Kim's "bragging" and threats was. I explained that beating up fear was part of braggadocio, boasting, brinkmanship. That there was no need to succumb to fear because probably the giant bear next to the tiny ant nest will lash out when it looks like their shared border might become awash with refugees running to them with no visible means of support. I also explained his ICBM's don't have the very long reach until they master a moving launcher - i.e. nuclear submarine, or access to satellites that can shoot weapons.

I explained that fear is what Kim wishes to sow in people's hearts, but there is no need to have fear when you do your research.

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