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  1. therium

    What if Armageddon is from the perspective of the deep state/satanic forces?

    Here are the basics of the Armageddon story: A leader will be elected, he will serve for 7 years and there will be darkness for those 7 years. Then the savior (supposedly Jesus, or love iteself) will come. Now what if the Armageddon story is from the point of view of the deep state? Trump...
  2. Sinera

    Trump’s Administration Has Been Briefed About UFOs – According To Steven Greer - But Did He???

    Here's as a follow-up post to the video I posted about his lecture, I find it quite intriguing that Greer keeps claiming again and again to have personally briefed even presidents and other high-ranking people. Yet, is it somehow documented? Would like to learn more about it. Where is the proof...
  3. Michael Knight

    Prepare For What? National Preparedness Month

    Michael Knight submitted a new article. Continue to the full article here.
  4. Laron

    Kim Jong-un becomes the first to cross into South Korea in 65 YEARS

    Well, to me, this is yet another strong development of positive change in our timeline, validating what I felt back round 2014 of how we have shifted beyond the dark, and into the light — a positive timeline. While I realize the DailyMail is not everyone's favorite news source, it can be...
  5. waybeyondfedup

    Belated beyond all of both concern/questions and expand/improving Malala Yousafz

    ai Fund Malala Fund https://www.malala.org 2.4.18 4/2/18 Dear Ms, Mr. Yousafzai, whomever this may concerns, everyone both on/ff on here:, I am back yet again because I really never thought the need to address all of this. Don’t get me wrong I am still middle of the road with all of this...
  6. Linda

    Trump Touts Space Force

    This news item from Zero Hedge surprised me for several reasons. I don't recall another government type talking about anything other than exploration - so why a military force in space? Why is this speech made to the Marines on a military base? Why the interest in Mars when the Moon is closer...
  7. Laron

    J. Z. Knight's Long Sight Predictions for 2018

    Below is a post that J. Z. Knight just made on Facebook for some predictions for 2018, which shift into 2019 as well. I understand this is not at all related to Ramtha, but to her own insight. For those unfamiliar with Judy Zebra "JZ" Knight, she's an American metaphysical teacher and author...
  8. Laron

    Trump's nuclear button is larger than Kim Jong Un's

    And here I am still looking for accommodation options so I can return to the US! Do I really want to head back there?! O.o:D This was just posted today by Trump on his twitter feed. Source: https://www.rt.com/usa/414864-trump-nuclear-button-north-korea/ And here is one of those comments on...
  9. transients

    The New Earth & Trump’s Role in The Ascension | QHHT Session Info By Marilyn Dyke

    transients.info submitted a new article. The New Earth & Trump’s Role in the Ascension | QHHT Session Info By Marilyn Dyke By Marilyn Dyke via Body Soul Apothecary (August 3, 2017) I was very much looking forward to this client’s session, she had made it quite clear that she does not like...
  10. Stargazer

    SGT Report: Clif High Interview 2/19/2017

    Another great new interview of Clif High on the SGT Report. Topics include: Bitcoin, Silver, Gold prices, etc. Pizzagate/Pedogate Clinton/Trump Differences Elite Bloodlines/Ancient Earth History Secret Space Program Cabal collapse Reverse-Engineering and new technology Disclosure/UFO...
  11. Linda

    Trump secures nomination from Electoral College

    As of 4:30 PM (US central standard time) 36 of 38 Texas electoral votes went to Trump, which put him at 304 votes (270 needed to win). There have been only a handful of "faithless electors" who did not vote for the candidate winning the popular vote in their state, and most of them were...
  12. Lorna Wilson

    Goddess Kali Takes America

    There is no intro that I can give this article except to say it's a fabulous thought provoking read. "Donald Trump might already be picking his deplorable cabinet, but it is the Dark Mother, the destroyer of worlds, oracle of holy change, the tenderhearted be-header, that won this country...
  13. Bill

    Trump wins in landslide, debt bubble collapse-Clif 19Oct2016

    Clif posted a new short YouTube video today (19-Oct-2016) where because of Hillary being missing Trump wins in a landslide but the deepstate tries to prevent his being inaugurated. But because of the post-election confusion in the US other countries start dumping US debt within days of the...
  14. Bill

    The non-debate debate and financial implosion begins - 24 Sept 2016

    Clif posted a 4min video late on 24-Sept-2016 where he addresses that the webbot immediacy data (IM) is showing a "non-debate debate" between Hillary and Trump that is planned for Monday 26-Sept. Either it doesn't happen or it start and ends very quickly. This is the end of Hillary's run for US...