The Inner And Outer Balance Between Aspects In Our Current Time Of Global Transition...Part 2 (1 Viewer)

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The Inner And Outer Balance Between Aspects In Our Current Time Of Global Transition...Part 2
In increasing numbers, awakened people in our world work consciously with aspects of themselves residing in other realms. The goal of such interaction is to bring about a new personal reality of wholeness and multidimensional awareness.

Part of the challenge of the human collective is to create a new balance that has not been seen before in the Cosmic play of duality. Historically, we have plenty of testimonials from young and elder people who remember or work with aspects of themselves coming from ancient timelines in worlds that exist or existed within and outside of Earth.

As the frequency of Earth and the Cosmos increases, linear time as we know it bends and everything that we have lived for eons converges in the current physical and non-physical reality lived on this planet. For...
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Thank you Don, these are excellent diagrams. I think that what is most important is not to treat these patterns or see them as enemies, but to treat our shadow self with care and compassion like how we would treat a child that looks rebellious and needs a positive direction. If we carry very deep patterns of suffering since childhood, then naturally those are the ones, like in your diagram, that will lead to that kind of further suffering and sorrow, but if we bring these parts of us that make up the ego, back into our heart with love, care and with open ears, the road to joy will be easier. We will be able to give love and kindness to others in the measure we treat ourselves that way, especially the side of us that makes up the shadow self. :)
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