The Activation Of Physical Form For Soul Entry — QHHT Session Excerpt (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
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I’m in the process of transcribing a QHHT (past life regression) session I conducted in Mississippi, USA (75% done). Below are a few excerpts from it. This may raise a lot of questions, but I asked a lot of questions surrounding what I include below; when read in full, many answers are there.

Attached image: Forensic reconstruction of an adult female Homo erectus. (Source. CC BY-SA 2.0)

This is a big session so there’s a number of intriguing areas covered, including detailed information on where this soul comes from originally, which ends up being two places—one of course being source/higher self, with interesting detail to describe it. For those that understand the different levels of hypnosis, she did reach the somnambulism state.

Laron: “What do you see?”
Leah: “It’s like a factory of them. They’ve just been made and they are all coming out, but there’s no light and I had to stay. There’s no light in them. They’re not quite human—there’s no soul. They are human, but they are not real… they have no light inside and that’s why we came.”
Laron: “Are they just like humans, just covered in mud, or do they look different?”
Leah: “It’s like they’re covered. They’re big… they are bigger. They kind of look like apes with no hair. They don’t have hair, only on their heads, not all over their body. They are early human. But they don’t have the spark. They don’t have the god spark.”
Laron: “Do you see what you do to wake one of them up?”
Leah: “I put my hand on them. I put my left hand on their forehead and my right hand over their heart and then I see the light go through their whole body.”
Laron: “Would you say you came to give them souls or you came to enable them to have souls?”
Leah: “I think it’s to wake them up. To turn their light… I don’t know if they have it… they’re dark and that’s why I have the little light. It’s to help them turn it on. I had to give it to the first.”
Laron: “So your task is done?”
Leah: “That was done. {sudden realization in her tone} We do this everywhere. We do this everywhere, we go everywhere. (Planets?) Yeah, we go to all different worlds and different times. The electricity comes through and they just change. They have this light come through them and then they just walk away and just go… I don’t know what they go and do. There’s a group, five of us, and then we go and then we do this. Sometimes we have to go alone. (To other worlds and places alone you mean?) Yeah. All we have to do is just think it and we can travel and move back.”

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