Status of the Pole Shift as of May 2019 (aka magnetic reversal) (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
Nelson, New Zealand
This YouTube video below is introduced by my friend Clinton in Australia. Note that the video is uploaded by the official channel for the European Space Agency, ESA.

"This is the latest update from the European Space Agency of the migration of our magnetic north pole. The acceleration continues and it has now passed the geographic north pole and is heading southward to it's opposing pole (which is moving straight up to meet it). It's astounding that all over the 'news' it's politics, trade wars, climate change nonsense and all manner of meaningless posturing while we are heading toward a magnetic reversal at continually increasing speed. This has not happened in known human history. At the same time, our Sun is heading into a grand minimum and we are getting hit by more cosmic rays than we've ever known before. All these events are intensifying, yet nobody is talking about it.

You're being distracted in the most sinister way, because this is EXACTLY what the ancients knew about and why they preserved their unbelievable achievements. They were beyond us in so many ways. I will still keep trying to get the message out to those that want to listen, but I know how few people that really is.

Some of you may have noticed the intensification of madness from humanity happening at this same time. This is not a coincidence. The connection between these events and consciousness is real, and people are either being swept up by this madness, or they are in tune with the planet and actually growing with these changes. I hope if you are reading this, you are one of the latter."

And for those who want to get right to the point as some videos sure do take their time, here is a screen shot from the end of the video which doesn't have any sound and is basically just showing this graph anyway.



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Jan 10, 2019
It indeed changes fast.

please take into account that this is the north pole wander if earth is represented as a perfect dipole. So one north and one south pole.
in reality we have two magnetic north poles and one magnetic south pole. One north pole is over the Canada and one over Russia.
if you get a change of the field strength of one of those 2 then the spot of the dipole will change fast.

here you can find some graphics representing this.
it also gives some more info on the relationship between the earth interplanetary magnetic field and the temperature change on earth as an alternative cause of the climate changes we have seen.

So the magnetic field has already split but no-one knows what will happen with the decreasing magnetic field of the earth in combination with a low solar activity.


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Sep 18, 2016
Exciting timee indeed. This, of course, is also the reason our magnetosphere is in rapid decline, meaning great exposure to cosmic rays and solar output. It takes very little to produce auroras now. From a consciousness standpoint, our creative ability is increasing with manifestations arriving much quicker than before. On a collective level, we're seeing social dictates emerge with force. This is often in the form of madness, as that is the prevalent mode expressed through ego and materialism and greed - the unquestioned direction society has taken (or more accurately, manipulated into adhereing to). Ah, this is a vast topic, and too hard to delve into using my phone. To be continued! :) Oh, and I'm only in Australia for a short time longer. Soon to be in Sweden.


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Jul 19, 2016
Nelson, New Zealand
More from Clint ^. He summarises the video below:

"In a nutshell, he has recorded a deviation of 5 degrees over just 1 month in the movement of the magnetic north pole. This is off the back of the ESA data showing an enormous acceleration in the movement of the north magnetic pole, way past the geographic pole now. That 5 degrees equates to about 250 miles (which is what, about 400km or so). He's never recorded such an dramatic alteration. Everything is speeding up. Exciting and amazing times, but they sure aren't going to be easy times for most. "

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Jul 20, 2016
Know what else this affects? Airports. Runways are noted based on magnetic north data that usually is updated every 5 years. So, if you are flying in with current readings in your plane - guess what is not there?

Also affects things like parachute drops.


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Jan 8, 2017
If you do a bit of research in the internet regarding the effects of a magnetic pole reversal you will see that they range from severe for mankind to just minor alterations to our current way of life, in other words, no consensus at all. What it does seem uniform is the opinion that we are overdue (by far) for one.


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Nov 1, 2018
The magnetic poles have actually reversed several times in the distant past. The evidence is the alignment of iron particles in rocks and in man-made clay pots.


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Aug 29, 2017
when it has half the way i will know for good what is behind those so said days of darkness

the video showed well what the mind can t do so fast that it is at near supersonic speed so far :)
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