Planet Earth Is A Representation Of The Big Bang (1 Viewer)

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Jun 20, 2018
Sean submitted a new article.
Planet Earth and all the activity contained on Earth exemplify what happened with the introduction of the universe almost 14 billion years ago. Remnants of the big bang exist within the universe because the universe contains memory. Energy is contained within this memory and represents itself in a multitude of ways. Earth is a living evolutionary example of what happened before the big bang occurred, when the big bang happened and what followed. I do work in the evolutionary development of...
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Jul 30, 2016
Absolutely love this "Down to Earth" :) explanation. It mirrors how We/i know this already intuitively but gives me a vocabulary and a sense of selfacceptance that there might be more "stuff" We/i know already regardless of it at this moment in time having little support Where i stan with my surroundings.
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