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Jul 19, 2016
Nelson, New Zealand
When it comes to stores selling stones, while they they not be common, there are a fair few, yet when it comes to a decent variety and reasonable prices, that is what I find a rarity.

The Rock Fella fits my requirements for variety and price, but on top of that, he goes out into the New Zealand wild and locates his own rocks. In the back of his shop he has all the tools necessary to crack open, grind down, polish and shape the beauties.

The Rock Fella in Motueka, New Zealand, also teaches people how to locate such gems, and how to use the various equipment to create something magical.

rock fella motueka new zealand.jpg
A photo of his shop in Motueka, NZ.
I was in his shop a couple of days back and he has stocked up a lot. He isn't afraid to get crystals from elsewhere, so it's not just his own stock.

rock fella motueka nz.jpg
Above is a photo I took of an amethyst cluster in is store a few days ago. I have seen a lot of amethyst crystals over the years and this had the deepest and darkest purples I have ever ran into.

Here is a photo I took while recently there, which provides an example of how one can find these minerals hidden within the layers of a rock.


The Rock Fella also makes his own crystal jewelry. Here's some of it displayed at a show, with the Rockfella himself holding the sign.

rock guy.jpg

Here is his Facebook Page. He doesn't have an online store, so this is really only helpful for those visiting in person over here in New Zealand.

Personally, I prefer to touch and see a crystal, rather than shopping online, as it's a completely different experience. (I've never purchased a crystal online actually!)

Still, the cheapest place I have found crystals was in a few markets I came across in Peru, such as in Pisac and Cusco. The issue with that is weight and returning home by plane!

I wonder if anyone else has a favorite store, online or offline, to get their rocks!?


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Jul 20, 2016
Nature's Treasures in Austin, Texas. They have a big retail area with polished stones, jewelry, etc., but my favorite part is the rough rock section. I was just there today picking up some hunks of rose quartz from Madagascar for the kids. They mostly roll their eyes when I give them rocks and stones, but I never let that stop me. o:)s

Texas has a wealth of minerals, but most of it is on private land, so it is rare to find Texas stones for sale. One county west of us has blue topaz, and you used to be able to dig for it on one of the ranches. There was one huge one found, and I think it is the Smithsonian.

My other favorite place is in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. They have a big a collection of local rocks, too.

I end up with rocks from everywhere I go, as anyone who has been in our home can attest. Some of them find me. lol


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Jul 28, 2016
My favourite rock shop is the earth... that is, walking along and finding beauties. I know that's not what you meant, but it's definitely how I feel about it.
Barring that, the local places that love the rocks as much as I do and where I can go have a great conversation as well as bask in the beauty is great, wherever I am. Somehow, conversations in rock shops just seem to be on a different level... or levels, as many of the conversations are definitely multi-level.
I'm pretty sure that when I show people around the first place I most often take them to is a beautiful local waterfall. The second is the local rock shop where we can talk shop. Makes me happy<3:-D
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