1. Laron

    Whoever said Diamonds are a girls (or boys) best friend?

    There are some amazing crystals out there and amethysts with a dark rich purple can be quite attractive. I always had a strong interest in Ceylon sapphires, with the deep blues. What's your favorite mineral/crystal/stone when it comes to value, such as what a diamond may mean to many, but...
  2. Laron

    What is your most recent crystal?

    I was gifted this small amethyst crystal today by a friend, which would make it my most recent crystal. How about you? What was the last crystal you got? Feel free to include a photo! :)
  3. Laron

    Ruby Fuchsite — Crystal of the Week

    This is one of my ruby fuchsite crystals. This stone consists of green fuchsite with ruby crystals embedded inside. This is a great crystal to use with the heart chakra, adding loving and very positive energies. It helps to keep your awareness of being an individual, but at the same time helping...
  4. Laron

    My favorite rock shop in New Zealand

    When it comes to stores selling stones, while they they not be common, there are a fair few, yet when it comes to a decent variety and reasonable prices, that is what I find a rarity. The Rock Fella fits my requirements for variety and price, but on top of that, he goes out into the New...
  5. Linda

    Rocks from southwest Colorado

    If you ever visit our home, you will find bowls of rocks and shells in every room. I've picked them up, or rather they picked me since I was a little girl. On one of our moves, I overheard a conversation between a packer and my husband. "Sir, this is a box of rocks." .... long sigh... "I know...
  6. Linda

    Rocks from northcentral New Mexico

    Some of my interesting exploits have begun with me looking down, and boy did I hit the mother lode this time. We were near Ghost Ranch (Georgia O'Keefe) and stopped to take pictures of some amazing cliffs. I looked down and saw all these spectacular rocks. They were sparkling in the sunlight...
  7. Mike

    remote healing with a crystal and how to charge it with the mind!

    Remote Healing using a crystal " you do not need any particular experience initiations/attunements" First off, people believe there must be a healing modality that is used to send healing with crystal. As a matter of a fact you don't need any experience AT ALL! To send healing remotely while...