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Here’s a summary of the webbot’s Clif High’s latest video which is here and here is his BitChute channel.

Crash of Western Civilization
  • The end of the world as we knew it and we’re not going back.
  • This started to take place from 2020 because of COVID.
  • New normal will be even more disruptive and disrupted, going forward from this point on.
  • Central bank, and the system the central bank has setup, is a big part of this.
  • All central banks are owned by the Rothchilds — a crime family, part of the Khazarian Mafia.
  • Ukraine is not going to get worse, the Russians are not invading, ti’s an incursion and policing action, which includes clearing out the bio labs, capturing the scientists and info held in them, and remove the neo Nazis.
  • The idea of Nazis originates from the Khazarian Mafia and goes all the way back to the 1800s.
  • The CIA is Khazarian Mafia and the central bank is the deep state. The Deep state exists because the central bank can bribe it.
  • The Central Banks are a scam. Rochchilds have blackmailed killed or threated Politicians to get the legal right to produce the dollars you use and charge you interest for the use of them.
  • Central Bank going tits up. They have no purchasing power with what they put out.
  • There won’t be poverty like many predict, it will be a long hard struggle, similar how Russia came out of the Soviet Union, where ‘Sound Solid’ money including cryptos will be the way forward. It will take years with an irregular economy as the central bank collapses. (QFS is horseshit Clif says)
  • If you’re in USA, France, Brittan, Australia, New Zealand…. we’re all under the Khazarian mafia central banks which are dying. We all have to think of ourselves as living in the last days of the communist East Germany.
  • Trump setup rules while in power to seize the assets of anyone who’s an enemy of the USA, who’s trying to take over the media and institutions, involved in child trafficking as soon as they are convicted. So for example, once the dominion voting machines are proven to be fraudulent, they seize the assets of the company that made them — that’s what Russia is doing to Ukraine, such as Hillary Clinton’s money.
Also take note of his blog post here: The Seven Year Challenge
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