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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
I just finished reading Vidya Frazier's new book, "Ascension: Embracing The Transformation" (published November 2015), and I'm still basking in its afterglow. Like several other books I've read lately, this one seemed to resonate on many different levels--all at the same time! While I had read and loved her first book, "Awakening To The Fifth Dimension" a couple of years ago, this one opened many, many portals of understanding for me. I've no doubt I'll be downloading and processing much of it over the next few days.

Where the first book was oriented more to the layperson, in terms of explaining our current "Shift of Consciousness" and its affect on our world, her new book focuses on many of the skills and processes needed to help more smoothly navigate its resulting rough waters. In fact, the subtitle of the book, "Riding the Energies of the Shift With Ease and Passion" applies perfectly to its content.

"Ascension" provides a great deal of helpful insights, information, and ideas for the average person to understand the transition from a 3D reality to the more expanded realms of 5D consciousness and above--from clearing lower vibratory energies to embracing our own largess as Divine Aspects of Source. This isn't just a book for those starting out on the process either. I can't help but feel it was really written for those who consider themselves "Lightworkers", and especially those who feel their mission at this time is to assist and support humanity and the Earth on a collective ascension path.

I really appreciated reading about Vidya's personal experiences and discoveries along her own spiritual journey, because I was finally able to make perfect sense of and validate many of my own. I've long felt that my sense of "No being left behind" meant more to me than anything else, and her explanation of the reasons that so many "volunteer" souls have incarnated now almost left me breathless with joy for humanity.

The best part of the book for me were the last few chapters, for they left me with a deeper appreciation for life, in all its infinite forms, and the amazing part that each of us gets to play in it. It also left me with a knowing, even stronger than ever, that we are so much more than we've ever believed ourselves to be--and that we are exactly the right ones to be doing the work we're doing.

If you're looking for an expansive, uplifting perspective to broaden and sharpen your own consciousness as a "Lightworker" or you think of yourself as a "volunteer" on this beautiful blue planet at this very special time, I highly recommend this book for you!


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