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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
Several EMEDT students have sent me a series of questions about the last two articles, and since I had to start writing the answers and some questions were repeated, it seems to me more opportune to collect those that have caused more doubts and publish them for everyone (with the permission of my students), and so, perhaps, it will serve to some of you also. I deleted names and edited the text to make it readable and anonymous.


From what you say in the first article, I understand that the most important thing right now are the variants of the "supposed virus" because they are activating codes, always energetic, which is where reality is really projected to continue shaping the reality that the Asimoss and company want. Regardless of whether or not we have any symptoms of "flu or cold" and that the population already defines automatically as "covid," in reality what is happening, to a greater or lesser extent, is to take us to robotic status that generate the submissive farm reality that these races want to keep "sucking" the energy and continue forever here. Is that right?

In general, the concept that all this time was behind this issue is that they had to regulate and slow down the pace of progress of humanity, which, from their point of view, is going "too fast," and, hence, most of the codes and parameters are intended to reduce the potential for human growth by any means possible as you have seen for the different variants, either by reducing the projection potential of reality, limiting the level of frequency that can be reached, removing the population physically and energetically, etc.

And all the theories that the virus is because of this or that... that they want to do A or B with the population… That Bill Gates here or this character there are behind… Is it to sow disinformation?

It is what my guides call "attention attractors," or something like it. The human psyche, by the program of having to understand "the why of things,” which I already explained how it works, urgently needs answers that fill the gaps of enormous doubts that, a process like the one lived these two years, leaves in our collective psyche. They have done something so brutal that coming to understand it and be aware of the magnitude of what has been poured on humanity to bring about the changes that they had planned requires responses that, whether or not they are logical, they rise to the occasion.

Therefore, the same members of the RIC (races in control) and CS (control system) have prepared part of all these possible answers, there are indications and events created so that some of them are really true, others to confuse, others partly correct and then everything else misinformation, etc. What we have been given with the insertion of "evidence" so that we can elaborate our own answers about "who has done this and why they have done it" is a way out for the collective psyche so that our attention and focus of consciousness is concentrated on some of these responses that alleviate the psychological burden of this collective "shock". By having a wide range of possibilities to choose from to explain to ourselves what has happened and who is responsible for this situation, they balance the equation of human cause-effect programming: "if this has happened, then it must be because of this." And the "this" at the end of the previous sentence, instead of having a single "truthful" answer, they have filled it with a range of 100 or 200 theories so that each one connects to the one that resonates with him as more plausible and gives him psychic stability (regardless of whether the theories are correct or not, or half true and half false, or a hodgepodge of ideas more or less interconnected, etc.

So, the beings, guides who assist us, the Higher Selves, are they helping so that we can, whoever they are, continue with the evolutionary transit that the Earth in this case is living? and that in theory we could get on the tide and make the evolutionary leap?

Yes, each person has assistance to advance on their own path how it touches them, with what they have to work on, with what they are in the process of learning, etc. The help is a lot, but individually towards each person according to what each of us needs in these moments in our own processes. If you could see the beings around each human being trying to assist him with what we each have to work on, the gratitude and humility that would flood us would eliminate many fears and worries about what happens or does not happen "out there".

As for the new race you mention, Murchards, they are now at level 2 in managing the planet, and what happened to the Amoss? Are they gone?

No, at level 2 of the CS there is a "seat" for each of the main races that attend and collaborate with the Asimoss: Amoss, Zuls, Animiss, Alomiss, Rashids and now Murchards. In fact, there is also the breed that we know as "grays" and others but that have less presence or "tasks".

It was said by networks that the heads were finished (in terms of races in control) however apparently from what you say it is not so, is it true?

Well, it is not entirely correct that they have "decapitated" anything or anyone, let's say that there have been "elections" between the groups that lead the Asimoss and now it is as if instead of the PSOE (political party) Asimoss, it will govern the PP Asimoss, or vice versa, but facing us nothing especially changes.

Going back to the topic Planet Earth, New Earth, timeline 42, they are supporting us so that we can make this change shortly, or will we really not see it...? Why if they already have Mars in view, are they so insistent with humanity and planet Earth? Aren't they playing at the edge of cosmic bureaucracy?

The change to the nE will only be seen by people who have to leave, who will have already isolated themselves from society at the time for it and will leave without making noise or any type of alteration in any medium or form. More or less, we have already explained the process in previous years and you have them described in the archives of the blog and in the books of the Dynamics.

Then, the board is very complex, because there are also groups and clans within their own races that each one pulls to their sides, as if here the government of a region that has certain powers wants to do one thing and the government of another region wants to do something different, and, so that everything goes more or less online, the "national" government of the Asimoss has to accommodate a lot of requests and adjust the agendas of the different groups that form its social, political and power structure (which is equally or more complex than ours). So those who pull to start going to Mars with the "hybrid" humanity on the one hand then have to continue to accommodate their plans with those who want to delay the passage of the humanity to the nE, with those who do not want to move one iota from the current status quo, etc. Then the interests of the rest of the races that are part of the RIC come into play, because the Rashids are here in exchange for a series of resources, the Zuls are helping in exchange for other things, the Amoss have their own agenda, etc. Nothing that we cannot see represented in the current situation of humanity and in the geopolitical pushes and pulls of many countries and blocs, pitted against each other at times, cooperating with each other at other times, trading with each other almost always, fighting each other when it suits them, etc.

What do you think or how do you see the fact that many of us are creating alternatives away from the system (although this seems more than utopian) in another vibration and somehow and in our way spreading this knowledge gently to change the vision of the collective?

Well, I really like a phrase from a mathematician, Buckminster Fuller, who says something like that when you want to change a system, you don't fight the old system you want to defeat, but you create a new one that makes obsolete what you want to change. Not that I think it is an easy thing to do, but I think the only way to change the world is to change ourselves, who are the projectors of that world.

Another thing that I see is that there is too much distorted information that creates fascination and that also distances people from what is really important, although that same information has interesting and reliable things, but the nuclear thing is always waiting for "something or someone" to come to save us from that hecatomb.

Human programming always seeks external salvation, something that does not exist, "salvation" is always internal, only by changing ourselves "inside" can something be done with the "outside" world. The help that exists is internal, for the person, so that we change from being human to becoming human. The reality is holographic, you cannot throw stones at the cinema screen to try to change the film, if the reel of the projector always emits the same frame type.

How can we help this micro or macro collective unconscious to clean the distortion and that those fascinated people are released, disconnected and can see a little beyond?

Everyone has their path, their time and their process, you cannot force it because you can create imbalances in the psyche of people who depend on that vision of the world to give it stability to the reality in which they live.

It seems that with the pandemic they precipitated and stepped on the accelerator... is that so? Because a precipitation does not make sense from the point of view that the RIC always have their plans well drawn... but of course, it gives that feeling because of the great pressure since many people have woken up to see that things did not add up.

It is so they can take control of the situation and then put everything "in order" again, like when you feel like having the house tidied up and you hurry to do all the I work to "finish soon,” even knowing that there is no particular hurry to do it or that you can leave it for tomorrow as well. But they have their own plans and they do things by taking advantage of cosmic energies and currents that help them with it, so as now "it was good" because of the energy situation of the Earth and humanity, now is when they have done it.

Do they not care? Didn't they know what was going to happen? Or because of Kumar's vibration that awakening was going to happen anyway and what they have done is bombard us with viruses and put a narrative in to force the vaccine and thereby prevent vibrational rise?

Yes, the frequency increase of the planet is what accelerates our vibration and evolutionary development and is what they try to stop or delay with the covid and vaccines, and all the rest of the elements that are imbued in our way of life. I imagine it is nothing we don't already know, only that these last two years have gone from doing it in a more or less "subtle" way to doing it in a brutally open and direct way.

So, if viruses and variants are true... are they dangerous? Should we be careful with our elders, for example? I haven't had any precautions.

They amplify what you have inside, so if we have a latent disease, it can manifest, if we have a covered pain, it can come to light, and so it goes. Then there is all the non-physical part you've seen in the last article, which is almost or more important than what the "physical virus" causes. As this energetic part does not cause any "physical" symptoms to a lot of people, because we have millions of "asymptomatic" cases that really do not seem to have done anything to us. The RIC and CS play with the ignorance that most people have that the "physical" depends on the "energetic,” and, therefore, they will always go to manipulate mainly the "energetic" for what they wish to achieve. Then, what happens on a physical and solid level, is only a consequence of the above, but not the cause.

And do we get them by talking, coughing, sneezing? And is there also a non-physical but energetic contagion through the pineal when the virus has already disappeared?

For the "physical" part, because like a common flu, you get it just like you get it with any other "normal" virus. But then, when the codes and instructions that the virus brings with it are already in the mental body, the codes are passed from person to person only by interaction of reality with reality.

How do they release viruses and variants? Do they spray us with them?

It has been done, so far, physically, in a crowded place, for example, a tube with the virus is opened and allowed to spread naturally from person to person. At least it is the modus operandi that they have used these last two years, I do not know if they have believed that they were going to deceive us that it was something "natural" that came from some animal.

And why use viruses? Isn't it enough to fumigate us with chemtrails with physical and energy information?

I think it is because in this way they have been able to establish measures of global control and a total stoppage of humanity that they needed to change the entire energy structure of our economic system; it was a titanic job that has taken them almost all of 2020 to complete it to be able to have more energy.

How do viruses finally disappear once they have been released?

I imagine that we become immune to them, our body learns to fight them and if the codes they have are no longer activated, they become a simple cold or mild flu, I think the thing will go like this and, in some time, the SARS-CoV-2 will be something "day to day,” but I do not know what else they will want to do with it.

Masks are only to generate submission and a sense of panic, right? They don't protect anything, right?

I do not think they slow it down much, according to my Higher Self they have an effect rather at the energy level, to strengthen programs and behaviors in the population.

If viruses and variants already do all that... why vaccines? do they accelerate the process?

That's right, vaccines can then be programmed to be more specific, do something here or there, complete what the virus alone can't do, etc. I had commented on the blog that, for example, in Japan they serve one thing, in another country they program them for another, etc. The Nanoids can change their function as needed, as they can be more easily reprogrammed from the collective unconscious, with mobile technology, etc. On the other hand, I imagine that, for everything to have "logic,” it would not be understood that humanity will not try to find a cure to a disease, so the “handiest” cure we have always done for other diseases are vaccines. If everyone since childhood has already been vaccinated with lots of things and we already have millions of nanoids circulating in our blood system, I understand that the normal thing was to do the same with this virus. Of course, it's another thing to introduce a vaccine in a year when the others have taken 10. If someone hadn't realized there was something weird, then now it's hard for people not to wonder how "they could have gone so fast" to find a solution. As we had previously mentioned, the "prescription" for the vaccine was already ready before the first cases of the virus began to come to light.

How has everything related to cryptocurrencies been? Do they still use them to extract energy and all that?

At the moment the entire economy, beyond the "physical" part, is already tokenized, so, after the change of the entire energy structure that supports the global economy, it does not matter if we move money with cryptos or with the visa or by transfer, because with the changes of last year they have reconverted the entire "virtual" or energy structure (planes 1.3 to 1.7), etheric (planes 2.1 to 2.7) and mental (planes 3.1 to 3.7) that carries the global economic flow and all the movements of payments and else that we do. Thus, except for cash payments, all transactions are grouped by tokens as if they were crypto, and there is no longer any way to prevent the conversion of all our economic movements to "tokenized" energy packages done with euros or bitcoins. Since its inception the CS controls the entire crypto-economic system of the planet as well as controlling the entire "normal" banking system, both are used together for the objectives that the RIC have. The plans they have for the long term have not changed, and the idea is still to convert all currencies to their "crypto" counterpart: the cryptoeuro, the cryptodollar, the cryptoyuan, etc.

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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Aug 29, 2017
It was said by networks that the heads were finished (in terms of races in control) however apparently from what you say it is not so, is it true?

Well, it is not entirely correct that they have "decapitated" anything or anyone, let's say that there have been "elections" between the groups that lead the Asimoss and now it is as if instead of the PSOE (political party) Asimoss, it will govern the PP Asimoss, or vice versa, but facing us nothing especially changes.

well if it was really so easy to get rid of them they are surely already gone, even if in certain channeled messages they claim a near so thing, the beast is nothing more than pulled against a wall
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