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25 Inspiring, Motivating & Uplifting Consciousness Expanding Quotes


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Laron submitted a new article
I love to find quotes that inspire, motivate, uplift and spark one’s consciousness. Below are quotes I’ve posted on my Facebook page recently which some of you may appreciate—all in connection to spirituality and the system of life we are traversing through. Oh, and some of these are simply things I''ve said. (Those without the double quotation marks.) Note that I had a report from an Iphone user that they could not scroll to see the embedded posts below. (I can on my Samsung Galaxy) If you can't touch your screen on a mobile device and pull it to the left, or use landscape view to resolve this, just click on the link of the post and you can find the full post on Facebook — nothing I can do to resolve this, it's just how the site functions with embedded Facebook posts with mobile devices. ...
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They are great Laron and I love the photos that go with them!

Thanks for the work! As always I love Eckart Tolle.

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