1. Henda

    Article Out of Body Experiences: A Guiding Light

    I AM A FLYER ! Few days ago, a friend sent me a short message asking me if I could help him produce astral projections. As I have said before here in this page, I dedicated myself to help those who feel like they are ready to experience the journey into inner wisdom. Actually, the purpose of...
  2. David Topi

    Article The Connection of Numerical Archetypes to the Collective Unconscious

    As I said in the last article, in order to understand the meaning of each number, now that we already know that its symbolism is locally related to the energetic state of the psyche of our civilization and the vibrational state of our collective unconscious, we have to explain in detail how the...
  3. theGalacticTravelChannel

    My Most Memorable OBEs PDF

    Hi Everyone! Coming into the close of the year 2019, I am receiving much in the way of guidance toward the idea of writing a book. I truly did not think I would ever write, I tend to be more a speaker than writer but the energy does certainly have me moving in this direction. In preparation...
  4. Laron

    Article VR Headsets, Exploring Consciousness & The Importance of PPD

    Near the end of this year I started doing some research on virtual reality headsets. What triggered this was using an oculus vive headset at an Antarctica exhibition in the square, here in Christchurch city a few months back. It was my first use of a VR headset. They had a video playing on...
  5. Henda

    Soul Matrix

    An interesting article
  6. Henda

    Video to Astral Project

    An interesting video from the Monroe Institute to train yourself for Out of Body experience Try it !
  7. David Topi

    Article Installation of protection membranes in the sub-levels of the timeline 42

    For several months now we have not commented on the state of the barrier that separates the timeline 33 from the timeline 42. In fact, we stayed from some time ago with the explanations, processes and requests to continue moving towards higher levels within the timeline in which each person was...
  8. theGalacticTravelChannel

    Awakening, Contact and the Abduction Scenario

    . Today I am spending the afternoon with two developing channelers from Essassani Stream who bring forward the beings from, and connected with the Sassani race - what you might have heard of as "Bashar's" race. It is a very fun group to sit in with. I am joining today as a questioner—bringing...
  9. Sean

    How Consciousness & Energy Facilitate Evolutionary Development

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  10. Laron

    Before and after photos from adopting a dog

    Source, and a few more:
  11. theGalacticTravelChannel

    Conscious Global Contact: ( Communication via Crystals w/ Extraterrestrial Consciousness )

    Hello, hello! It's me, Casey ( previously 'omcasey' ) I decided to begin another thread on this topic as there was a bit of a glitch-up with my old account and being able to get onto the board so Laron helped me delete it and begin anew. I've spent the last year transitioning over to the new...
  12. drakke1

    "Energy Sensitive's" Paradise: 6 Minutes Spent Among The Temples Of Bagan, Myanmar

    Bagan is home to 2200 Buddhist Temples. This beautifully done video will "review" quite a few of them for you. The beneficial effect upon your consciousness, imo, will be readily experienced ...
  13. drakke1

    11 Essential Keys To Conscious Living

    A very insightful discussion regarding our common predicament featuring useful guidelines for coping with it wisely... "With the introduction of over 250 new chemicals into our environment since the 1950’s, a political climate designed to keep us continuously high strung, and a toxic load of...
  14. Henda

    Out of Body Experiences to the Spirit World (Part 1)

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  15. Lorna Wilson

    Consciousness and Creation Are Mapped Out Into Stories

    In this recent interview, I share some to the things that apply to all of us that I've learned or realized as a QHHT practitioner. LOL because the camera was too low I do look 'busty and blind.'
  16. Sean

    What Happened With Planet Earth And Life Here

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  17. Laron

    Consciousness Expanding Posts From Laron

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  18. Laron

    Healing the next generation

    This is something I made for Facebook a few days ago, but which I wanted to share because of it's importance to parenting, but also in relation to healing. One way to explain this, is that our behavior towards our children is heavily dependent upon what occurred to us earlier on in life, and...
  19. Laron

    Our Consciousness, A Torus Field With Emotions

    My friend Bilal posts some interesting intuitive messages on Facebook, and here is yet another one. He sometimes writes them in English, but most of the time I have to use the built in Facebook English translator option, which is what I've done below. At the choice of body before incarnation...
  20. O


    Reporting on the evolution of experience and expansion of human consciousness from a planetary to galactic reality. Included in this concept is the actualizing of a Communications Specialty commonly referred to as Channeling. Please tune in for inspiration, insight and intel...