1. Laron

    Article A Slave, a Silk Road Trader and a Maori | QHHT Session Summary

    On Saturday I visited my QHHT client at her home where I conducted past life regression session (using Dolores Cannon’s method) to provide the space and opportunity to heal a number of health issues, and find answers to some important questions pertaining to her current situation in life. She...
  2. Laron

    Event Group Past Life Regression on Telegram (March 13, 2022)

    I’ll be guiding a hypnosis based group regression process, allowing you the opportunity to access and experience memories of who you are beyond this physical incarnation. What is this similar to?—a guided meditation, but you will go deeper. There is an event on Facebook if you want to let me...
  3. Sinera

    Mary Rodwell presentation on ET and Starseeds

    Mary Rodwell (with a d, not Roswell, but it would be fitting, too ;)) is a kind of Australian version of Dolores Cannon. I highly recommend watching this video of one of her recent talks on the subject(s). More descriptions are taken from the YT info text of the uploader:
  4. K

    We are moving back and forth in our spiritual development and healing

    There have been days when in my own healing process I feel like I am going backwards. Have you ever felt that far from progressing you are regressing towards a state that you had felt some time ago? After some emotions were flowing, it struck me that lately I hear some people saying that...
  5. S

    My Dolphin Incarnation

    I always loved dolphins, and suspectected i had previous lifetimes in the sea because, well, i never felt human. But right after my birthday (lol yeah i know its sounds like some disney movie here) one experience changed my life: a dream that I was a Pacific White Sided dolphin slaughtered in a...
  6. Laron

    Info What is Past Life Regression?

    Here is something I wrote up last year. Again with this, it is in the context of material for my upcoming personal healing/teaching/metaphysics site where I will advertise my services. Past Life Regression A past life regression practitioner guides their client into a very relaxed state...