1. Laron

    Article An Alien Overseer & A WW2 Past Life | Releasing Blocks and Fear

    Via laron.nz: Yesterday my online past life regression client had some major breakthroughs thanks to her session, clearing away blocks and fears relating to moving forward from a corporate environment into her holistic work. She had a life in WW2 as a male, and one on another planet as a...
  2. Brad

    Article Clinging to a Victim Mindset versus Taking Personal Responsibility by Brad Austen

    In life, we always have a choice in how we respond to situations, even situations that are outside of our control. Our default response could be to play the victim and not take personal responsibility for what we have created in life. But as we gradually evolve, the desire to take personal...
  3. Laron

    Letting go of the fear and thought patterns to help healing

    My sense is that things are really changing from the perspective of old understandings of healing. Certain ways of healing are becoming a lot easier, where before there were greater restrictions, and limitations, on how healing worked for people. While it’s all valid—the foundations behind why...