Working consciously and safely in the lower realms of trauma...Part 2 (1 Viewer)

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Continuing with the previous discussion, I shared some examples of how it is like to work consciously and safely in lower realms of trauma and how by learning to control our energy this work can be done.

I must warn everyone reading this post that if you feel afraid of lower realms, of entities and if you do not feel prepared to deal with wounds consciously, then perhaps this is not the right method for you and you might continue working by using other healing methods.

Sometimes we might feel puzzled or even uneasy when we notice certain shadowy figures lurking in our room, and we suspect in some cases that these beings might be a cause for some of our discomforts. Normally people would say that these beings are not directly associated to you, and in the best cases, maybe these presences are just entities that belong to other people.

In reality, when we perceive black figures, part of our brain cannot detect certain vibrations and even less translate them into colors or lights, so our eye then sees a lack of information as black. If our eyes were geared to see all invisible electromagnetic frequencies, we would actually see every energy around us in one way or another, but very bright for the most part. All is energy around us and every being that we see has a reason to exist and to be around us.

Part of doing conscious work in lower realms of trauma is to understand what kinds of beings surround us and most important, to understand that many times the beings that we see are actually our very own wounded aspects. Instead of perceiving everything as alien to ourselves, I encourage you to see how among the sea of aspects and fragments of energy you can find parts of your soul that remain in certain dimensions and timelines as a consequence of experiences throughout incarnations that were challenging.

Basically what people call the shadow self or the ego is the energy that belongs to our soul as a whole, that is not placed correctly in our energetic system or that has actually left our energetic system and that is wandering around us or far away from us, until something triggers these parts to come to us in an attempt to integrate them back into ourselves, whether we fail to do so or we are successful.

How exactly do entities that belong to ourselves affect us or affect others? Very likely you are familiar with the typical story that "I am being bothered by negative entities that want to become attached to me, and I know those are not mine at all." but have you ever considered how your own entities affect others?

There are lots of ways then in which your own fragments of energy can be brought back to yourself and one way is to interact consciously with these parts of yourself.

Often, we are presented with opportunities to deal with suppressed emotions by seeing ourselves mirrored through another person who might trigger us, and we can choose to create larger entities through our reactions or we can find new ways to open up, accept such feelings and internalize them. When we choose the latter option, then our shadowy energy comes back to us to be reintegrated into our hearts.

But how do we know which energies in lower realms belong to us and which ones belong to other people?

1. Getting to know your soul vibration or energy signature by practicing exercises in which you interact with your own energy and how your own energy feels when you are joyful, peaceful, relaxed, sad, upset, angry, full of rage...etc.

2. Learning to identify and remove energies that do not belong to yourself with the assistance of your own Higher Self or by interacting consciously with these energies.

3. Setting a conscious intention to feel within your physical and energetic bodies energies that are attached to you that do not belong to you, and expel these energies consciously. When feeling these energies, for karmic reasons or other reasons you might actually feel the feelings of other people who got stuck within your system.

4. By using the third eye to interpret these energies.

Going back to the case in which meeting my soul sister has been part of the shadow work that often times I do, if I lower my vibration and feel fearful of her presence, she often tells me the following:

"You are not more scared of my presence than you are of your own shadow, of your own aspects, of what decisions you took a long time ago."

Some of those fears include hurting others and the consequences of hurting. This one is a common fear rooted in the subconscious of many people. Many people have shared the same fear with me. Remember this is about shadow work, about going deep into suppressed emotions from traumas in several incarnations.

At first, conscious contact with aspects of ourselves in lower realms might appear as something quite scary or instead you might come across vulnerable versions of yourself that yearn to be loved and understood.

The shadow self is made up of several layers of programming that create self defense mechanisms that protect the most vulnerable sides of us: the wounded inner child.

We are all like children, deep within ourselves, innocent but wise. When we go through several traumatic experiences since we are children, then the shadowy substance begins to grow and surround us, creating heart blockages and even disease where areas of our system cannot receive the normal flow of energy anymore.

Whenever something trigger us to feel really bad, then these energies immediately come to create a shield, and we relive the energy of trauma, feeling all kinds of discomforts and in the worst cases, once again, we become fragmented even further.

These are the reasons why it might look strange to us to have conscious contact with energies of ourselves that look like scary versions of ourselves, angry versions, or versions that would seem to speak in a different language that does not sound positive, but that speaks about raw human emotions and thoughts that come from such traumas.

Not only do our own fragmented energies cause emotional discomfort but they also cause negative thoughts, hence the name: thought forms. Some are as large as a conscious being, while some are just small pieces that create repetitive negative thought patterns. The larger ones are harder to integrate and require much conscious work. These ones are the ones that can be perceived as very different versions of ourselves, even like negative versions.

However, in our array of experiences, there is always a logical sequence in which steps can transform the purest being into a broken version that seems too disconnected from the original version. A greater understanding on how these negative aspects are born help us reconnect them to our heart and merge them into our whole system. The reward is wholeness, wisdom, compassion, health, peace and better life opportunities.

Easier said than done though. It might take us a whole lifetime to accomplish a certain amount of healing work to integrate back enough energy to reconnect these parts of ourselves to our Higher Self through us. It might take more than one lifetime.

Sometimes, even after doing clearing work to remove entities from our system, we might want to ask if there are aspects of ourselves that need to be reintegrated into our hearts. We can then establish an inner dialogue with these energies residing outside of us.

You can even learn to listen to these aspects consciously and feel them coming back to you. A rush of strong energy might be felt, as well as hot waves and tingling sensations. The more we listen to all the energies that make up our wounded inner child, the more we can bring back the energies of our soul that reside in lower realms.

Your energies in lower realms might appear in different ways. You can see them as dark energies, as bright energies, as human versions of yourself, as ET versions of yourself or even as versions of yourself that look like a child.

Another great advantage of working consciously to retrieve your traumatized aspects is that automatically where these parts are being placed, other energies that do not belong to your soul are removed and your aura becomes stronger.

This is just a set of methods in which you can work with your shadow self. Healing methods are endless.

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