Well Known Journalist Del Bigtree - Ep 251 not to be missed (1 Viewer)

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Aug 15, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
Fatal Flaws - ep 251 (The Highwire)
First of all, this Ep starts off with a video clip of our State Premier, Mark McGowan, here in Western Australia, giving a pro-vaccine message to Western Australia's indigenous population with a "pidgin English" or if you like "Creole" translator by his side to make sure the message gets through. Del Bigtree was in tears of laughter about this.

Secondly, he shows a clip of Boris Johnson delivering a bombshell to British Parliament this week just gone.

Thirdly, he has an amazing fact file of Fauci emails sans redactions.

Fourthly, he interviews Dafna Tachover, who has specialist knowledge (not a scientist) about the implementation of 5G and how it is impacting the telemetry and altimetry of airliners and why there are protests from airlines, because of new dangers due to proximity of 5G cell towers to airports.

This is a seriously informative episode of The Highwire.



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Jul 20, 2016
Part way in and I'm stuck on the music - found the site and playing the songs - love Brad Skistimas and the band, Five Times August.
Deserves its own thread, but in the mean time - enjoy this song, I Will Not Be Leaving Quietly.

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