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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
Dragon (wood).jpg

The Chinese Lunar year , this one all about the WOOD DRAGON begins on the New Moon in Aquarius each year. This time its 10th February. The Dragon comes under ARIES energies.
Period 9, the beginning of the Feng shui year is a little sooner.

It is a custom to begin cleaning and clearing our ones home a week before the Chinese New Year begins.
This is a UNIQUE year that has not happened for 60 years or so even though the Dragon year happens every 12 years.
We get cycles of elements as well as animals.

So the NEW FENG SHUI 20 year cycle is influenced by both the DRAGON and the WOOD element.
I have had to review my own understanding Chinese astrology – the MENG system I studied so many years ago and practiced for a while as well as other aspects of Chinese astrology..
It stretches the brain a lot! It is highly complex due to different systems.

Western astrology is equally complex but we have it in our face more generally in Western countries.

So we re also leaving an 8 Feng Shui cycle, still occurring now as I write this, and moving to a brand new 9 period for the next 20 years which adds to the Aquarian NEW AGE energies coming in.

Its SO interesting Aquarius is when the lunar year begins every year…

This period 9 cycle coincides with Pluto staying in Aquarius for 20 years until 2044, a time which will bring much new technology, new scientific breakthroughs, a more advanced and fair leadership for the world and each country depending on its own culture and which will align science with spirituality as has been predicted to happen during the Golden age.

The 9 period is going to be ruled by the fire element to align with Dragon during the coming year, which is all about passion, creativity, transformation, and inspiration. It will affect different areas of our lives, such as status , recognition, our ability to assert ourselves , our creativity and spirituality

DRAGON is the Chinese animals associated with leadership so its no coincidence that he is leading us into this new era we are entering in Earths history.

My first teacher via her books in regard to Chinese astrology was Theodore Lau but this was about 50 years ago, and since then I studied for a time with Lily Chung, learning much more about the elements and predicting trends for people mainly.
Plus various Feng Shui teachers.

The Wood element is of regeneration and growth in every sense which is transformational and also adds structure as Wood enables us to build onto what we have, make it better.
Wood associates well with Fire and it feeds fire , fire also being associated with the number 9 so we can get an idea of the dynamic forces coming .

I am using and thinking Western astrology mainly these days but I KNOW this year of the total solar eclipse in ARIES just happens to coincide with this new fire fueled year we are about to experience .

The WOOD element plus Dragon and the start of our New Age with PLUTO entering into the sign that the Chinese year always begins in is enough evidence for me to know this is a very AUSPICIOUS YEAR.

Plus Pluto moving through Aquarius for the same length of time and Period 9.

Total solar eclipse DO NOT HAPPEN every year. Its when leaders fall and new ones arise. Its when history changes and the one coming is accompanied by unusual aspects and planetary moves concerning the eclipse degree.

20 years cycles are one thing but times when a whole AGE changes are RARE . When several astrological factors align like this from both Eastern and Western astrology please remind yourselves this is NO ORDINARY YEAR.

This is not just about your Chinese animal year. This is about our planet and all of us. I am looking at the bigger picture myself and have not even glanced at my Dog year .
So this “Year of the Wood Dragon” will be one that goes down in history for independent leadership, change and transformation and other shocks and surprises that will make everyone's eyes open wide even the highest Lamas meditating in their caves in the Himalayas or other remote areas of the world.

If you were BORN in the year of this Wood Dragon you are indeed blessed but you may not realise it for some time to come yet .

I have a daughter who was born in the year of the Wood dragon just into 1965, a Capricorn with a Saturn return just happened so this is REALLY going to be a major year for her with all that has gone on in her life and also some still happening.

I expect and even demand miracles for her and her family after the extreme shock after shock she and our loved ones have been through. A miracle happened for her the day Sun and Pluto entered Aquarius as it happened , Aquarius being her 7th cusp, the first really good news for a very long time.

In the Chinese culture the dragon is unique as it’s the only mythical creature of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac, More babies are born in The Dragon year than any other animal year.

A Dragon in Chinese culture is auspicious, a supreme being.
In Chinese mythology, Dragons have great power to control wind and rain, soar through the skies, affecting the mood of rivers and oceans as well as bringing prosperity to the world.
In areas of growth, horticulture/ agricultural, dragons are considered a powerful symbol being able to communicate between heaven, earth, and humans to bring good weather and plentiful harvests as well as a boost to the economy of a country

We are preparing to enter 2024, where the Dragon and the Wood Elements will blend in a subtle dance of energies, so we can expect to see important changes and events that will shape and also transform history as we know it in the year ahead.
The Year of the Dragon itself is famous for bringing NEW powerful energy and dramatic change to everything he/she touches with the Dragon magic.
The Wood element, associated with growth, development and
renewal, combines in unique ways with the powerful characteristics of the Dragon, giving birth to a time of opportunity as well as challenges which are to be expected when so much push for “renewal” comes into our lives..
The Wood Dragon energies will impact business areas, the economy, entrepreneurship, education(growth) popular culture, entertainment, art and politics on a global scale in progressive ways.

The Dragon is associated with power, world leaders, nobility and good fortune, often seen as a symbol of wealth and great achievements.
Wood is related to growth, adaptability and development. Thus, the Year of the Wood Dragon combines the thriving energy of Wood with the strength and charisma of the Dragon.

As we enter the Year of the Wood Dragon, its important to understand that Chinese astrology gives us a different perspective on how planets and stars can influence global events just as Western does. In some ways they are not so different but the difference in focus and values comes into the interpretations as FENG SHUI is a huge part of Chinese astrology, working with the natural worlds in deeper ways than Western astrology.
Western believes in free will. Chinese astrology is more fated but in a sense it is FREE WILL that can rearrange surroundings to ward off negative energies and allow the flow of the positive and lucky.,

Eclipses often show the overall patterns in Western astrology of great change, the signs the slow moving outer planets are in, and then there is the eclipses changing everything. such as the recent eclipses in Scorpio and Taurus focusing on the world economy and digging out what has been hidden in a great revealing.
NOW comes Dragon this year with his forceful dynamic energies and a new Wood cycle to bring more structure and growth to all of the above so that is a good thing, PLUS an Aries eclipse.

The political , cultural and social trends can align in both systems.
Chinese astrology teaches us how to control the “luck” factor , manipulate it with the use of different elements in our homes etc .
Just as we will see significant changes in business and other areas plus the opportunities for growth and regeneration, there will be a lot of new happenings that require adaptation for we humans plus the initiative to be part of it all, but these things could happen suddenly without warning as the Dragon brings that element of both magic and shock , just as a total solar eclipse can..

Through the eyes of Chinese astrology, the Year of the Wood Dragon holds the promise of being a particularly important and influential year.
Bold and revolutionary projects will begin in the world of technology and business . We will see things we have not seen before that some people will resist mentally and maybe physically as well, as it may appear too different for them to accept but soon people will adjust to these new inventions as the presence of the Wood Element will enhance the ability to grow and adapt to new ideas and also demands, contributing to some very new scenarios in the world of economic development.


I have done some research on this as well as adding my own ideas so this is a blend of both .
The Wood Dragon brings a need for charismatic and courageous leaders. The Wood element, adding its regenerative power, will encourage new and responsible approaches in the political world.
While we cant tell the election outcomes we can be sure that the USA 2024 election could be a time when determined attitudes and change will prevail.

The Wood Dragon is most likely to bring a leader who is courageous and strong, confident, different in his or her approach to what we have seen recently and probably rising suddenly , someone who may have been hidden from the public eye but with a burning passion to accomplish his/her mission and knowing exactly how to go about it.
The Solar eclipse happening during the USA primaries suggests most surprises and the strongest moves will happen in the April time frame.
There is chance that the continuing conflict between Russia and Ukraine tensions could increase in the Year of the Wood Dragon but a new understanding of what is behind this will help resolve the ongoing situation plus intervention likely from a strong world power to bring some peace to this situation. This could be more towards the end of the year although the solar eclipse itself will help with this also in APRIL in unusual ways as the WOOD Element indicates the need for adaptation and regeneration, and the Dragon wants transformation.

This brings an opportunity for global leaders to engage in mediation and conflict resolution to help avoid escalation of ANY existing war and we know there are wars that desperately need attention from outside forces . There will come opportunities and unusual intervention which is not thwarted by Gov controlled media for resolution and collaboration without prejudice OR beliefs interfering so that the situations can be resolved .
Wood Dragon Energy helps strong leaders with “right motive” to step bravely forward and provide structure to build a more peaceful future for all nations . The individualist approach will work well but only with peace in mind and not war.

The Year of the Wood Dragon will without doubt stimulate movements that bring about justice and changes in social attitudes which developed in the last years. People are going to be more willing to fight for values of democracy and civil rights.

We are more than ever in charge of our own decisions and lives this year as its one of individualism as according to Western astrology and all its pointers we enter a whole new age. “proper”
In the Year of the Wood Dragon, we can find the courage and wisdom to explore new directions, embrace change and contribute to a better world. Whatever challenges and obstacles we encounter, we can turn every moment into an opportunity for growth and evolution.


To attract good fortune in all aspects of life in the Year of the Dragon 2024, we suggest wearing a bracelet with a Dragon symbol or placing a Crystal {Aventurine is good) Money Tree in your home.

A small Dragon ornament will act as a protection from negative forces.

Emerald green is a lucky colour in the year of the Wood Dragon as it supports the renewal and growth of the self. It symbolises peace, harmony and balance in the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin (femininity) and yang (masculinity) representing duality. Green also symbolises prosperity and helps attract wealth.

A Gold colour is said to be lucky for the Year of the Wood Dragon because it attracts positivity and wealth.
This colour is generally recommended to those seeking prosperity from all walks of life.

Don’t forget to use different shades of red in your home this coming year as red is associated with Dragon . This will help good luck to continue throughout the year .

In Period, 9, the number 9 reigns supreme, bringing fame, fortune, new opportunities and new wealth. Number 8 also continues to be an auspicious wealth-attracting number at this time now and into the New year.

This is just general as each Chinese Animal will have their own lucky numbers and colours, also Feng Shui ornaments.


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