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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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A war began on cue, and where I am there were some unusual, shocking acts of violence in public places , one following the other, apparently unrelated apart from the powerful energies that caused them, relating mainly to mental health and pent up grievances against society.

Looking forward first, on or near the 20th here (probably 19th in USA or some other countries – such as Canada ) as well as Venus crossing the eclipse degree (19 Aries) she also conjuncts Rx Mercury. This is highly relevant politically as it marks an important time for anyone in the running for president in USA who is Mercury or Venus ruled or has planets or points near the 20 degree Aries mark or opposite. One person in the running has that degree prominent in other signs and possibly Moon conjunct or near Uranus 20 degrees Cancer.
We do not know his birth time.

We cant forget that this is the day that Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in Taurus right next door to Venus and Mercury in 21 degrees so we have the affect of the eclipse point being triggered and all that it means including the Chiron effect as well as this powerful and rare aspect of the two planets in Taurus so very close.

So I can add that anyone with planets or points near Taurus 20th degrees or opposite will be affected strongly. I do believe the current President of U S A has Mercury opposite to that degree in Taurus. Is this a light bulb moment or something else I wonder he hadnt expected?...

So this is all very political , Venus being ruler of Libra , the political sign and Mercury about information or communication relating to the past coming forward. Aries is armies, and decisions made to quickly without enough thought but Rx could be something premeditated.

This will affect some individuals strongly depending on their story that’s told in their own birth charts and many times these are positive events with individuals.

Globally this is suggesting two large events are possible around this time ESPECIALLY as on that day there is an Apogee Moon which can have the same effect as Perigee. Perigee and Apogee are when big EQs happen as an example of the magnetic forces on the earth and we people.

We can look at the website to find out what country the Moon will be above as that often tells the story as to where the action is although it can happen a little before or after as well , often after if it’s a physical event like EQ but with people , with the Full Moon coming we could again get the mental health factors and we know what has been happening in Sydney Australia recently as an example.

This Full Moon coming , due to the eclipse energy still around will have an effect easily up to a week before hand.

The Sun of Sun will be moving into Taurus the same day as Venus takes centre stage, so we get another powerful degree in effect around 0 degrees Taurus.

My Moon diary lists the 21st as being the day the Jupiter Uranus aspect is exact on my side of the world but the days 18th through to the Full Moon are all highly charged and I know the Full Moon will draw the planetary aspects' energies out from the 17th at least which is tomorrow as I write this. USA and Canada are the day before that but in global time it is happening at the same time.

Today as I write this Mercury is conjunct Chiron at around 19 Aries suggesting thoughts are on high alert and prayers will be going out for the healing of the world as our minds turn to the suffering of people who have seen too many injuries and death recently. This is happening near my city Sydney.
Chiron wants us to heal our own thinking so we can help the collective healing of the world.

Venus is practically on the point of the Moons Node in Aries as she moves to the eclipse degree.

Tomorrow should bring rays of hope as she quintiles Pluto in Aquarius enhancing our senses and inner power, along with Chiron still helping us find hidden reserves of wisdom and strength.

There is a great effect of a collective healing taking place on levels we may to yet be aware of. There is an awakening taking place which Jupiter and Uranus will sharpen with an event to make us all take notice either collectively or in our own environment coming up.
Those days before the Full Moon in Scorpio are going to be electric and keep us on the edge of our seats .

Our job is to keep ourselves and families safe in the coming days until this Moon has passed and Mercury is direct again so we can finally settle into the comforting Taureans energies that we usually enjoy when the sun enters that sign.

This is not a time to take unnecessary risks but to be a little more watchful than usual of anything different or unusual around us.
As well as taking care of self and our own it’s a time like no other to collectively pray/visualise world peace and do our own little bit to promote it.

We are all powerful light beings much moreso than any of us realise.

And remember that miracles ALWAYS abound at these times of such powerful eclipses, amongst any negatives.
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