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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
The Sagittarian Full Moon approaches in 2 days time so we are already in it’s energy and again it can be classed as a Perigee Full Moon as the Moon will be closest to the earth the following day...
This means the Full Moon has an extra strong effect and especially so for Sagittarian type people,(Gemini types too). and anyone with planets or points near 23 Sagittarius or Gemini.
This is my Moon sign so I know it well as a restless moon, also at times exciting bringing out our wilder nature, one that can involve travel or news from afar, a need to strive for new horizons.

Its on the Gemini axis of course so its also about communication and this case foreign communication very likely of importance.

This Moon is also about higher learning, the great outdoors, law,l as travel and communication.

The health axis is lungs arms, hands and fingers, heart chakra area too, shoulders can come into this axis to a degree on the Gemini side of things.
Thighs, hips and a connection to the lower back and liver are some of the health areas for Sagittarius.
Over the years I have often had sciatica twinges on this Full Moon or near it until I learnt the yoga techniques to prevent that.

Any Full Moon can trigger any ongoing health issues of the body to bring it all out for healing, mental health too.

As this is a travel Full Moon, take lots of care on the roads as people tend to speed a little more than usual near this one and with Mars in Aries it adds to the fiery situations that can arise on or off the roads.

The aspects from now until the Full Moon will have a big influence on the Full Moon effect for all of us although they are fairly mellow until the 11th /12th depending which country you are in as Venus is conjunct Uranus bringing unexpected happenings that stir our emotions, but also include sudden relevations of the emotional kind that affect our security zones including finances.

This happens at 16 degrees Taurus so is especially strong for this sign. also Librans and Aquarians.
The aspect can affect any of us however.

Sudden attractions are likely including falling in love, as are sudden partings but this aspect is not confined to love alone, as it can also mean some unusual happenings that can cause us to get totally out of any rut we have fallen into.

The Gibbous Moon phase is under way the last phase before the Full Moon which is a time of organising, integrating and planning, getting all the details taken care of before the big event, so this strong aspect tomorrow of the unexpected could throw things into disarray a little.

Prepare to have to make sudden changes due to unexpected happenings if you ARE planning something big in the coming days around the time of the Full Moon.

The day before the Full Moon itself Mercury will be in the last degrees of Taurus before moving back to Gemini where s/he will be able to carry on where s/he left off as this will be the degree s/he was in at the first of the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses beginning of May.
When eclipse points are triggered this way especially at a strong lunation things happen so whatever news we got then or whatever was being talked about takes on a whole new depth and meaning.

Mercury conjunct is about to conjunct Sedna , just before the Full Moon which could bring a memory back that goes deeper even than matters around that eclipse although karmically there is bound to be a connection as this is a time to remember that none of us are victims and our life is part of a plan we made long ago.

This is a time to rise totally above any repression and let go of any regrets of the past, take control of our lives in ways that do not hold grudges and hang onto old pain, but rather remember the powerful spirit that we are and how we along with others can reclaim what we have lost even if we have made sacrifices to get to this place. Its time to move on to something bigger and better now.

On the Full Moon itself Mercury will be back in Gemini so our minds will get busy again and we can make the most of what we have learnt in the last month with all its rebirth experiences, and share with others new information, talk about the memories too, celebrate the past and plan a new future.

This Full Moon in effect now brings a whole new sense of adventure to our lives and much anticipation of what comes next on our lifes journey collectively and individually.
Venus will conjunct Pallas Athene at 10 degrees Taurus the day after the Full Moon when the Moon is Perigee, a powerful message from the warrior Goddess that unity and peace can be found if only we can find common ground or goals we can aim for and work towards, discussing and finding solutions that appeal to all of us without war and bloodshed.

Taurus is about that common ground, our security and needs on very basic levels and this is what people need to focus on, forgetting the past, putting aside old grievances and bottled anger, thoughts of revenge.

This is all woven into the magick of this Full Moon coming as it’s the Moon of the higher mind

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