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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
Capricorn susan B.jpg

Happy New Moon in advance Capricorn people! Its on the 11th except in NZ when its just into the 12th.

This is the new beginning of the year for the goat clan , a time to begin making plans that will bring structure for the year ahead.
These plans and decisions can begin to take shape towards the crescent Moon phase a few days later.
We can all do the same .

That is an even more potent new beginning due to all that is happening two weeks before that time including Pluto moving back to Aquarius and the ruler of the Aquarian New Moon Uranus going direct.

But nevertheless the Capricorn New Moon is the FIRST of the year and Capricorn is about finding structure in our lives. Its very down to Earth as a rule and its very helpful to start the year with a NEW Moon and not a Full Moon.

This is good for security plans , the basic grounding stuff of our lives, work, finances getting our goals sorted especially with Mars in Capricorn as well.
Emotionally too as Capricorn has a fishes tail.

Make sure you do what you body wants to do this coming year and give it all you have!

The New Moon at 20 degrees 44 is very powerful as the Moon meets Pluto sometime during the day which stirs deep emotions . Pluto is in a critical degree 29 Capricorn in a cardinal sign and is pushing us to transform more than we ever have before. Plutos long transit over this degree doesn’t end yet ,(many people don’t realise this) as it will be l Nov the 20th when that happens, as Pluto has one more return to Capricorn in Sept/ Oct and a lot of Nov.

The Sun will also conjunct Pluto on the 19th and 20th January bringing that same collective collective energy. This anaretic degree is associated with hard decisions, endings, a need for urgent change politically from the darker patriarchal laws and attitudes to the new Aquarian more liberated individualism of free speech and “new ness” that takes some adjusting and fighting for , a rebirth struggle to climb out of the inhibiting restrictive period of our history and into a new form of light we haven’t seen before in the physical world in our lifetimes, unless we regularly trip on various mind altering substances which most of us don’t . (Just read Tim Learys “The Most dangerous man in the world “ when Nixon was after him to protect USA from drugs which was way back in the early 70s when I was busy raising children and being a wife and when I knew nothing about such things.

But I was learning more about astral travel at least and that sort of out of body experience!
I digress... On the day of the New Moon there are positive aspects of Venus trine Chiron and Mars trine Jupiter. This is all highly motivating, energising in fact on both physical and spiritual/mental levels.

Mercury is still gathering speed and despite what is often said about Mercury still being in shadow now as well as BEFORE Rx, if we believe too much of the hype about it there would be very little time to do much at all .We cant always dance to Mercurys real or imagined tunes. Even when Rx many have the attitude of it being a negative but some of us were born that way and we understand it better perhaps ( I wasnt but mine is very afflicted) . It is merely a time to “catch up” and allows us to take stock, SLOW DOWN, as Mercury gets very sped up sometimes and makes us the same, so we get a chance to look at things differently during Rx.

The so called shadow time is possibly for some confusing as the information is coming too fast so they have new decisions to make, but if we pay too much attention to the little stuff we wont see the forest for the trees . There are much stronger things happening with our planets than many of us realise and we wont feel the big stuff if we worry about every little thing.

The Moon itself has more effect over we humans by sign and position daily than Mercury doing “hir” Mercurial thing. During Rx I concede there are some muddles but sometimes we have to clear the clutter out our brain "software", Mercury does not rule our HARD DRIVE! Although it does rule some of our brain.

Rant over.

Today the Sun trines Uranus which may account for some of the above as there is an influence of the universe wanting us to think outside the darned box happening with this and generally this month, so if Mercury “ in shadow “ helps with that, then well and good.
Mars sextile Saturn helps us keep our feet on the ground if we are wanting to fly too high speaking of Tim Leary, the LSD lord..
At least Sun and Uranus are in Earth signs…

But it is a day to prepare for something different rather than the “same old” as comforting as that may be.: There is a lot of new stuff happening in the heavens, very far out near the galactic centre as well and Uranus “rules" all that.

And right now Venus conjuncts the Great Attractor. Venus is our feelings and needs and in Sag shes striving for adventure and change, also the best of everything. The GA is a mysterious source of attraction of all things that spark our human curiosity pulling us into its thrall. Maybe we are wanting to find our own essence of our source of “being” under this
energy. Whatever has our attention or interest we need to be warned that under this GA energy there is a danger of fixating on a particular belief system, supposed truth, understanding or philosophy that is drawing us in even in highly “otherworldly” ways so we may doubt our own senses.
It is up to us to exercise our freewill in deciding what to believe and follow up on.

To add to this information I will also look at the symbol relevant to 14 Sag. “The groundhog looking for its shadow on groundhog day.” . This is someone looking for a sign to give them insight into the future. Its suggesting its best to look at our own past experience to find answers and usually the solution is close by and obvious , and maybe quite basic .
Its saying don’t try to read too much into a situation when its really relatively simple . We don’t need a lot of ‘splash” and glitter or billboards to point our way . The answer is in more simple things and is already there within our own “self” where the wisdom lies.
So in that way this relates to not needing to follow something or someone that appears bigger and better than ourselves to find what we need.

I will conclude by saying. “I hope this made sense “ as when the GA is around – sometimes things simply don’t! Or not to everyone at least.

Art by Susan Boulet.
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Jul 28, 2016
The answer is in more simple things and is already there within our own “self” where the wisdom lies.
Trust in oneself, what a beautiful way to be <3

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