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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
Taurus good one.jpg

Today the major and rare aspect I mentioned comes into effect strongly. I wrote in an article the history of it happening in 1941 just before ww 2 began when an attack was made on a Full Moon in Scorpio on London and then moved onto Russia.

The planets are revisiting this period now , whether in the danger around us, the revealing of those who are wanting to control the world, or whether this is a big warning that unless everything changes radically , Gov systems included or, there is an intervention from the powers of good which includes we every day but aware people, then there could be some major repercussions that we must prepare for that will have a ripple effect around the world

The aspect itself is one of the higher powers, lightning force inspiration and enlightening and help from above , waking up those who are key players in what the future holds and also bringing what I would call divine intervention which didn’t happen last time or soon enough at least . But this time we do not have a Nodal bind or we would be in big trouble again.

This time we really are entering a new age as this huge wake up call progresses towards the same Full Moon in Scorpio which is now in 4 days. The sae Aries eclipse that happened recently also happened in 1941 only it wasnt even total then! This period has to be even more important somehow than before.
Another influence of Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus should be a huge change in the world economic system, in the world financial system including distribution of wealth amongst the people and banking.

At this time Mercury rx is contacting Venus in Aries on the eclipse degree at 20 degrees Aries so Im hoping that is a person in a high power or about to be, who has answers, knows what to do and how to do it, stepping forward very soon.

I am noting that the complex elections are beginning today in India, which few of us know much about but its rather auspicious I thought .
I have no idea how the primaries are going in USA or what is happening on that front as the war is a bit of a cover for many things it seems, as is a major court case involving one of the main players in that country.

Dramas outside the court room are also happening to add to that.

In the country I am in now there are violent attacks happening , one has been termed a t e r r o r a t t a c k as it involved a religious matter – a 16 old autistic boy who may be jailed for life according to tv news.

I am just observing the happenings, most of which have been predicted by others as well as myself with regard to world happenings including religions being attacked.

The Sun moves into Taurus today to shine light on all the resilient and security conscious, determined, creative and usually very stable Taureans in our world , although even they have their moments when they say “enough is enough “ and fire up like an Aries. Not very often but when they do we sure know about it !

The Full Moon in their opposite sign happens in 4 days which could bring some ups and downs from any time now , some emotional moments but after that they can look forward to getting themselves back on track health wise and security wise, renovating or redecorating their homes maybe.

For all of us a new health regimes- overhaul of our diet and general well being could be in order.

Taurus is always about food, always about natural health although some Taureans are very stubborn and take a while to get the message re changing routines!
Mars is sextile to Jupiter today at 21 degrees Pisces to Taurus, an aspect of motivation and positive action which should be felt by Pisceans and Taureans, Sagittarians and Arians but we all can tap into it to stay positive and keep on track with our goals.

The Aspect of Jupiter/Uranus is meant to be exact tomorrow but should be starting now and we know there have been retaliatory moves on a country that was attacked recently so we must all take care as any energies of the negative sort will be felt around the world, the blame and revenge that inflames just about everything.

A VERY major factor today is that the Moon is Apogee, far from the earth and has a huge affect which I usually refer to as a laser beam effect as from afar it seems to channel energy into specific places.

Apogee can be just as strong as when the Moon is closest.

Tomorrow Venus will conjunct Chiron tuning us into our deeper thoughts and feelings in ways that provide an instinctual reaction so our senses will be on high alert as this happens in Aries near the eclipse degree …

We should have some messages from our own higher self that will provide answers we need.

Then we await the Full Moon as all will be played out as fate has already decided. We can change our own outcome with our own free will and trust in the light that guides us and helps play out the “scenes” we all have been part of creating as we go about our own particular lessons and evolvement as spiritual beings residing on this dense 3 or at the most 4 dimensional world as right now its fluctuating between the two..
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Jul 28, 2016
Looking at the amazing shield in your beautiful picture I am noticing (yes, in that way) the birds on opposite corners, which reminds me of the 'lightning-like' forces of inspiration you mention. The other corners contain earthbound plants, specifically ones that remind me of the possibility of hallucinogenic plants which are experiencing a revival of their healing properties; healing of old traumas. I understand this as most likely to happen in the context of ceremony, as it has been used in so many cultures worldwide for time our of mind; rather than the 'recreational use' and commonplace contamination that has been a big mover of social ills, particularly in some places, such as the Americas (from individuals to cartels to gov policies; so much strife has been involved).
The other thing that came to mind, sort of under the surface, of the WW2 comparison is how huge the social change it wrought was; one aspect of which was the bringing of women into the workforce in large numbers in some parts of the world, in ways that were society-disrupting (I use the term 'disruption' here as a neutral term, in the sense that disruption can and often is a positive force, eg when change is needed). There were many other big social changes that that time brought; this is just one.
Perhaps this time the disruption may be in the area of food; growing, choosing, distributing, etc. That would certainly bring about enormous change, including huuuge potential for health, if we do it well. Certainly, that is an area I see and hear much talk from 'the masses' requesting food safety and health; far more from that end of society at this point in time (in terms of requests for real change) than from government or leadership.
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