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This is a space to share any photos of tapestries you have at home, but also to point out one’s you’ve come across online that you are thinking about getting, are tempted to get, or just love the look of.

Online there are a lot of tapestries available, such as on Etsy.com and other sites. For some of us in the awakened community, we tend to gravitate towards mandalas, chakras and nature based tapestries, but there are many others, including native American and space related scenes.

So when I say tapestry, I mean some kind of decorative textile art, which is traditionally woven on a vertical loom to produce a design, often pictorial in nature. But the term tapestry has been used broadly, so can include heavier material, machine woven, and embroidery.

They can be used to cover not just walls, but furniture, floors, clothing and beds.

There are many types, but typically people find the cheaper ones they get on sites like Etsy have a bad smell, like chemicals were used to dye the fabric — yes, dyed fabric is classified as a tapestry online. There’s an article here with tips on getting rid of the smell in those instances (bucket of white vinegar for 30 minutes), https://www.hunker.com/13422562/how-to-get-rid-of-a-bad-smell-in-dyed-fabric.

You do have to be careful when making online purchases as what they tend to do is enrich the photograph with a few graphical changes, so that the image is brighter, richer in colors and contrast, and some are made to look a lot larger than they are, leaving many dissapointed. Make sure you read the reviews and check the description of the size, material and any other details before purchasing.

And finally, here’s a couple I have been thinking about getting. (I've never got anything like this before, so I'm a complete newbie in terms of any experience with this.)

Cotton Golden Tapestry Wall Hanging Wall Tapestry Wall Hanging Mandala Tapestry Hippie Tapestry Tapestry Mandala Bohemian Indian Tapestry

tapestry etsy cotton golden wall hanging.jpg

Notice the way they use key words in their titles so they are found? Source here.

Outdoor Nature Wall Tapestry, Wilderness Forest Wall Hanging, Starry Night Wall Sheet, Camping Mountains Large Tapestry Wall Hanging

Outdoor Nature Wall Tapestry, Wilderness Forest Wall Hanging, Starry Night Wall Sheet, Camping...jpg

Tempting to get this! Found here.

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