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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

Yesterday Mars trined Neptune at 24 degrees Scorpio to Pisces , an aspect of in depth creativity for some and for others deeper connections to nature in the sense of noticing signs from your Shaman self- recognising spirit in creatures around us – birds, animals, shapes, such as I did when visiting a beach consisting of boulders with big waves and wind, a constant rumbling, and seeing patterns in the stones around me, stirring up a primal awareness of nature herself in all her wild glory, very exciting to the inner senses.

Mars trine Neptune is creativity and spiritual awareness in action , just as it can be the playing of an instrument, working on a painting, diving into the ocean depth to swim, a positive and stirring energy of healing, an awareness of the power of spirit around us or our own higher self and acting on the impulses.

Its also fire and water but at its best rather than something that clashes causing sparks to fly.

Then the Sun took over from Mars to trine Neptune which is very similar but perhaps more personal, more flowing in itself , bringing spirit close and natural creative instinct to drive us, especially as the Sun has also just been conjunct with Mars to add to it all at 25 Scorpio.

We are being driven by the music of the spheres to go after our dreams and goals , being compelled to dive deeply into the shadows as well as the light to be our total selves , being given the courage to do so without fear.

Pisceans should be feeling that way especially, overcoming fears and obstacles in their path, Scorpios too.
Arians could be finding a more gentle path for their usually impulsive forthright no nonsense path , their impatience , a new awareness of other realms to complete any of the more creative projects they have set themselves with more natural flow.

Leos too will thrive under these aspects.

The same can apply to any of us under these magic energies.

The Moon in Capricorn brings practicality to our impulses and perseverance to make the most of these influences flowing to us at this time,

Tomorrow with the Moon in Aquarius Pallas moves to Scorpio adding even more courage and wisdom to this mix especially good for Scorpios as a validating effect for all they have achieved with the Sun passing through their sign, a satisfaction and excitement that life is opening up more for them as the Sun prepares to move to Sagittarius in a few days time.
The Sun will ingress near a Perigee Moon so it will be quite an entrance even though Saturn squaring the Sun on the day will do his best to quell our enthusiasm by trying to make some new rules on how to behave but that wont be enough to hold us back from enjoying the adventures that Sagittarian Sun always brings at the tail end of our year, especially as Mars will be entering soon after .
Its almost time to buckle our seat belts for Sagittarian season people!


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