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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

The Sun moves into the sign of Pisces today to shine light on all we fishes for the month ahead so we can be the best of this sign , replenish our energies ready for any remaining challenges that Saturn still in our sign throws our way.

Saturn has already since March last year strengthened us tremendously and brought more structure into our lives, helping us work on our weaknesses and bring out our strengths.
I must admit I am feeling a bit shell-shocked by it all but I know one young Pisces who is realising some dreams as this new school year begins, and now will have a chance to show his amazing musical talents to the world.

This reminds me of the blend of energies coming in now with the many planets in Aquarius which is bringing out peoples talents and abilities from distant lives and opening up neurological circuits in our brains to release important pockets of wisdom that are stored there either from before we were born or implanted there from these constant downloads from the Galactic centre that by the way are there for everyone not just individuals with the 27 degree point somewhere in their charts .

Another thing is the children in their late teens especially born in the third wave of volunteers which also has sub groups are beginning to come into their own with this Aquarian energy flowing in now. These are totally wise beings and have pockets of wisdom that will show itself as is needed as they move into the future to set an example for the world. They will do this naturally and strongly as they move into their fields be it I T, science, physics politics, creative areas , humanitarian etc .

This time we live in is recharging all of the human race not just the special teachers and volunteers that have come to do their part in this time, which in fact happens to be more folk than you may possibly imagine as I have seen people, teens too recently, waking up before my eyes in miraculous ways and I know they will do their bit in the world . This can happen to anyone any time and is beginning in this second phase of Pisces energies now flowing in for the month ahead to join with the Aquarian .

This is a blend of spirituality and science , of creative/intuitive and practical/analytical although with this latter comes inspiration and motivation as well as the energies flowing in are indeed inspirational for us all.

And if things seem to be moving too fast that’s because they are but our energies will catch up in time . This is hard on the nervous systems for those who are tuned into these new light rays but if we find the right attitude, the right motive and location then we can work with this to both our best advantage and also for the planet.
I want to mention as I have before, something that some may not realise which is that when the Sun is in the sign before ones
birthsign, it is a 12th house energy which brings up a lot of karma/past life factors and sometimes a few health issues to deal with for in this case for Pisces so its a relief for the Sun to finally move into our sign. I have just been through this intensely .

The 12th solar house transiting Sun can bring for some, certain restrictions especially with the strong Perigee Moons . This with Saturn still in Pisces has made it a very eventful month for our sign…

Theres too much happening in the heavens right now to NOT write about it, and some influences so different to others, all with an apogee Virgo full moon in 5 days or so, 24th most places but 25th here in NZ at 1 30 am so even in Aust it will be 24th this time.
This will be at 5 degrees 23 exactly opposite to my Sun as it happens.

It is of course in effect right now as many of us are feeling- especially Virgos and Pisceans.
Dreams are becoming more vivid, probably intuition too, but also a little paranoia or overthinking is the main drawback of this moon, too much analysing.
It's a moon where we feel like there is a deadline and we have to keep up but its important not to panic, and to take one step at a time and prioritise, also delegate if you possibly can.
This is how it affects everyone not just Pisces or Virgo so the main thing is DON’T PANIC imo!

On the other hand this is a good full moon for dealing with matters relating to health , finding the energy to dig into those corners that we have ignored for some time, in our minds or in our physical worlds.

Im sure doing that in my house just now as Im moving again shortly back to Australia.
As usual be aware of the exaggerated feelings as the full moon approaches and try not to make major decisions even though Virgo wants you to, but you may find that minds will change soon after the event, so its best to wait if you can, as New moons are better for the thinking clearly aspect of decisions, and the mind more logical and less swayed by fears or other feelings, other peoples opinions too…

But if you have a project happening begun nearer the last New Moon, the full moon will give you the energy to get on with it, complete it but try not to be too fussy or critical with the result.

Pisces get their New Moon mid March this year- THEIR new beginning of the year so will write more on that when the time comes.

The aspects today are Mercury trine Vesta in 23 degrees Aquarius to Gemini and Mars quintiles Chiron Aquarius to Aries which encourages us to keep good self boundaries on all levels while courageously reaching out to communicate with those who need encouragement and help without encroaching too much on their boundaries or pushing too hard.
This is about keeping a certain distance but keeping that unconditional love flowing with no expectations or pretenses. We can strive to share our inner wisdom to others in ways that may help wake up their own inner "knowing", clear, honest , compassionate, trustful and pure with the greatest respect for the divine spirit within both ourself and the other person.
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