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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Two days ago a major planetary aspect happened which warranted a warning to people but probably due to the nature of the aspect I missed it as it is of the highly distracting nature, obviously worked its magick, black or white on me.

It was the Sun at 19 degrees Aquarius squaring Uranus at 19 degrees Taurus. I always think of this as being like the Tarot card, “the Tower" bringing the winds of change, because that is how it acts..

It’s about unexpected, sometimes shocking happenings, also unusual announcements and can cause havoc in personal relationships, bringing separation or alienation.
On the other hand it can bring sudden unusual meetings with people who may inspire us or frighten the heck out of us. ( I may or may not have met one of them).
And those with planets, or Sun, Moon or angles around 19 degrees of those signs (or opposite in Scorpio or Leo) would probably feel it more than others.

This aspect would certainly get us out of any rut we are sitting in. And Aquarians will definitely feel it this time with their New Moon so close.

It can disrupt things too and especially with the help of Mars often cause accidents on public transport, mars is a little subdued right now so thats probably a good thing.

We don’t really like that aspect of Sun/Uranus near Full or New Moons. and it was a little bit close this time for todays event in Aquarius.

Im eyeing up the aspects from that time and apart from both the Sun and Uranus throwing angles to Juno who although with her best intentions helps us heal relationship trauma and oppressive relationships, but can also bring a lot of backbiting and tends to bring up past issues now and again to make us sit up and take notice, stir the pot of family memories , the type some of us would rather forget.

But apart from Juno all we have to stir those electric energies further is a Perigee close to the Earth Moon the day after the New Moon so again we get an effect of a New Moon being a wonderful new beginning when minds are clear and clever , but also one that can be a little more emotional than most, not to mention what it might do to our weather depending on what countries the Moon is sailing over at the time and in the few days afterwards.

At any rate with this New Moon in Aquarius , apart from beginning the Chinese New Year “proper” it is another good launch for the New Aquarian age as well with all the planets lining up in that sign.

Pluto and the Sun are there, Mercury is now too and soon Mars and then Venus. Of course the Moon is there now so that’s all very positive for Aquarian type people although it’s not so grounding and very “electric”.

Mars will still be in Capricorn so thats helpful at least on the New Moon.

Anything can happen and probably will in the coming week and I won’t be forgetting the Mars conjunct Pluto aspect just after Mars enters Aquarius on our 13th, which will be the 12th in some other countries.

There could be a clash of the titans coming up with that aspect, an end to a major global power struggle could be in the wind with this one and it happens when the Moon is in the fiery sign of Aries. It should be short and sharp and to the point when it happens unless Pluto says otherwise.

Aries is a sign coming into the limelight before too long and it will remain so. The Total Eclipse will make sure of that so this will be just a hint of what comes next.
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