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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand



I am late posting this here as it was written two days ago.

This is a long post more like an article as someone mentioned I often do but at this time in our evolution these astrological facts need to be named. Astrologically we are in a very dramatic time so these pointers may be helpful.

I feel privileged to live in this period of history when I can a write of such matters.

With the Moon in the relatively calm sign of Taurus its time to do a post about the Sun along with Pluto moving together into Aquarius meaning the Suns entry in this sign is a little different than other years.

This is the year is when Pluto gets serious about sorting out the status quo of world power as he begins his long job of finishing what Saturn and Jupiter began with their conjunction in the sign in Dec 2020 near Christmas looking like the star of Bethlehem.

Since then the power struggles in the world have been tremendous between the elite who are setting up via the U N a New World Order (and have invented all sorts of methods and reasons of how to convince us of the need for this in the name of “science”), and those who believe in natural cycles, freedom of speech and the bill of rights of which each country has in one form or another.

Crimes against humanity took on a whole new meaning taking everyone by surprise and now we are finding out that the perpetrators of these crimes have a name and a face with accomplices in governments and institutions, which has made it all appear as something that is “for our own good”. There had been a program from the World Economic Forum some time back called “Young Global Leaders for Tomorrow” based very closely on communistic principles and which had the very wealthy to fuel it, but this is not a place to name names.

And what may have seemed to some of the youthful participants a pure and positive progressive program for the young and zealous and for the future of mankind, , turned into something dark and destructive for we humans and this planet too.

So we entered a time we can think of as Armageddon with a war raging between the light and the dark forces and to which the planets have given many clues as to how it pans out.

The rare conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces in April 2022 coupled with the Nodal Bind ending soon after was the first clue to myself of the return of the light happening when many of us were in despair with the judgement and persecution happening if one dared to speak up and question anything at all.

Mars in Gemini Rx the same year 2022 from the end of Oct brought a saviour in areas of free speech although some would call him other names Im sure, and that has had a ripple effect as more people, even in high places begin speaking out.

I felt a distinct lift in energies after very dark times then in 2022 ,

And in fact there were many mandates lifted after April in my country re travel , work, local public service, functions and forced medical procedures.
I observed the effect Jupiter in Pisces had on such laws and Gov mandates, as Jupiter is about lawful law, and Saturn is about legal law.

People began studying the old laws involving peoples rights and sovereignty.

Last year Pluto first moved into Aquarius in March to introduce the need for humanity to stand up and have their voice, to question the harshness of new restrictive concepts and to allow individualism to thrive again along with fairness, and to expose the hidden motives and corruption.

Pluto began to sort out the power struggles and dig deep into areas the common people had no concept of even existing. (formerly called conspiracy theories) most Gov based, some involving medical systems, politics and our mainstream media which had become Gov controlled. The questioning of CO2 being blamed for climate change began also and you will hear more of that and the natural cycles in future months.

After a time Pluto stationed to Rx back to Capricorn settling on the anaretic degree of 29 Capricorn which represents a forcing of major and necessary change globally. Pluto is there right now.

When he had moved back to Capricorn which represents laws and Govs the corrupt forces made new plays for power to maintain the control they were losing over the masses.

People were growing wiser and braver and were not going to give up what they had lost so easily.

Its been a slow process to bring back our freedoms and to rectify the lies and deceit that has happened in the last few years and its not yet over.

The Sun and Pluto are powerful together as they make this move into Aquarius. It wields a lot of power for transformation and change for everyone not only Aquarians .
The SUN is the lifegiver for this planet , the major ruling force in our solar system and Pluto is a servant of the Sun, so together that are moving us more inside the Aquarian new age era, or Golden age as its called by the ancients including being mentioned in the Bible, a book of prophecy and history too even if much has been removed from the same.

Pluto is small but fully power packed and ready to kick butt, bring new medical and transport technology, scientific breakthroughs which yes includes AI which has been around in many forms longer than most of we humans know.

Pluto will reveal all that the Gov has kept under wraps for far too long in this current transit back to Aquarius , aided by the total eclipse to come in Aries in April, one of the most independent signs we have and the most assertive.

The eclipse season begins before that around the 24th/25th March with a penumbral PERIGEE Libran lunar eclipse which will also pack a punch politically.

April 2024 will indeed change USA politics forever when the total solar eclipse passes over that country during the primaries and no matter what anyone thinks of USA it is a country that leads the world and has massive power and influence over the entire planet.

So there is potential to change a lot for the whole world via Govs as a leader will come that will challenge even the U N power as there has been one former leader that did not sign up for the current agenda. Others will follow.

In the bigger picture the age of kali yuga is ending although there is controversy about the timing but many of the old pundits and avatars have mentioned this along with the fact Golden age (Aquarian age) is getting closer .

I have mentioned often , in the world of astronomy our solar system IS known to be rising higher towards the galactic centre across the band of the equatorial plane and as this happens we are getting different light emanations from that centre which are bringing a lot of new-ness or novelty as some call it. The Universe which is a manifestation of the creator GOD energy is calling for change and somewhere within us we understand this .

The magnificent spirit we are that powers this physical vehicle KNOWS it is coming but the body may take some adjusting,

So , tomorrow it begins, this New Age becoming more real, and all with Aquarian energies or Uranus the ruler strong in their birth patterns will feel this energetically I believe especially those with Uranus near their ascending sign or Midheaven , or other angle or in a hard aspect to their sun. Most with that effect have been moving with this new age moreso than those who have softer aspects of Uranus or nothing major they know of.

In the meantime we have preceding this today Venus square to Neptune,25 degrees Sag to Pisces . It is said that venus in any aspect to Neptune is the most spiritual of aspects even the square but I say it depends on the person . It has the potential to bring out our most sensitive and compassionate self, the psychic and creative but for some could bring more of the addictive or escapist effect , perhaps a blend for me today . But whichever way we manifest it helps us tune into other dimensional realities and dream a little more than usual , seek some alone time perhaps or special entertainment , find a place close to nature and notice signs that mean something more than they appear to.

Ive seen a couple of these in the last week that I am still puzzling over in fact.

Naturally Pisceans, Sagittarians and Librans, Taureans will notice this more than some but with these aspects we can all tune into them if we need to .

When the moves of Sun and Pluto take place there is a major conjunction in Capricorn around midnight in NZ , that is between 20th and 21st 1 am- ish ON the anoretic degree so this is a HUGE push into this very cathartic year ahead when we will all see and hear things we may not have ever dreamt would happen as our perceptions will be heightened beyond anything we have known before and the seemingly impossible could happen at any time.

This is within a week or the LEO Full Moon at 5 degrees 14 on our 26th , 25th on the other side of the world but it’s the SAME universal time. It happens at the actual same time everywhere if you ignore the clocks. A hard concept for some to grasp…

And the following day 27th here and 26th in USA and Canada with Europe somewhere in between, Uranus the ruler of Aquarius goes direct which is another strong sign of everything moving forward in this energy I have been describing, opening up new vistas of technology and science, the unusual, as well as an extremely strong start to a new school, university, or college year of learning for all the students out there , and those involved with companies, groups and community I T , science will have added incentive to begin new projects or add new life to those they have put off previously.

Aquarians themselves will get a push and shove in the right direction.

This station point to direct will be a turning point for those who have had strong transits involving Uranus as this is all about change, inspiration and motivation to make adjustments and decisions for those who have held back, waiting for the right moment.

Having said that an even better time will be at the beginning of the lunar New year when the actual New Moon happens in Aquarius on the 10th February or 9th if you are in that different time zone to mine. Its borderline again for Europe. This New Moon is equally important for this Aquarian age moving ahead more strongly.

There are some interesting aspects between now and then I will get to in time but on the day that Uranus goes direct the Sun will square Jupiter, Aquarius to Taurus, lucky for some but also encouraging extravagance for others but there is an excitement with this aspect, a sense of adventure and anticipation that many will feel in positive ways as this brings optimism and motivation and we can all use as much of that as we can get..

Aquarian and Leo type people, Taureans too will be restless and rearing to go in new directions but again this will affect all of us in one way or another with the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus so active at that time.

There could be a sense of time standing still with the stationary Uranus but not for too long as all pointers are in the same direction in this period of the year and that is to the future and to individualism and freedom which nothing can stand in the way of although many may try in the weeks ahead..

As if we need any more pointers to something major happening this year , the fiery Wood dragon makes his entrance on the Aquarian New Moon beginning a new Feng Shui cycle due to the WOOD element being the new element coming in.

I will save that for another post !
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