Rose People: Luminous Dimensions on Nine's Path (1 Viewer)

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Jul 25, 2016

Know that the rose is light within a code of song and knowledge of Nine. It is a perfect representation of the mission.

Joy raises the frequency of human embodiments. Combine this with the rose to create a sacred path within. Quietude and song will annihilate chaos when its work is finished.

The League of Light brings to your world information designed to guide you through a period of chaos. Our messages are unwavering in love and life. It is the League of Light which guides and keeps account of human endeavor in the name of love and sentient awareness.

We of service to the League of Light roundly greet you as Nine’s ambassadors to the field of chaos, order, and pride. You who are of love’s reality are the carriers of the codes of Nine. As you move through chaos, arrange order, and make pride bow to love, you are moving with Nine. In this way you’ll render obsolete old orders, rectify chaos to knowledge made complete, and create a baseline of human sovereignty free of all of pride’s fear-based disguises.

We are present with you on the inner planes of awareness. Keep changing the current of conscious direction toward the headwaters of source code. Source code will give you the manifest for your collective soul mission. Nine will decipher it; love will reveal everything else.

To find the way to source code, consult the rose. Listen carefully to the message in its song and feel its robes of light softly on your shoulders. Crippled no more shall you be, humans of Earth, when you understand what we say. A rose of great power comes soon to your world. A light will precede it and the moon will prepare you. Meet us on the inner planes of awareness and we will whisper to you the secret song of the rose.

A message from the League of Light

For more on Nine, see the this section of this site.



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Nov 1, 2018
There's no reason to hold on to fear, just let it go. Let there only be peace.

I know this is hard for people to understand if they haven't had the many experiences I have had. But it can be done. It does take courage.



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Jul 30, 2016
It is like the rose is an amulet in the sense of a focused energetic entrance to a wordless understanding. I see how powerfull it is in its accessibility. The meditation on it’s timeless vulnerability i can see how this acceptance has the power to transcend current structured understandings of strength and when in front of you taking it in - question what is myth and what is real.
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Jul 20, 2016
Ours and the neighbors' roses made it through snowmageddon and already are sprouting new leaves. The rose is a hardy and tough plant with delicate and beautiful flowers.

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