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Jul 30, 2016
This is a beautiful thought on how to do deep work through rest that is familier to this Forum in the sense of travelling in our sleep. It also talks of trauma healing but in this context see rest as a revolution.



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Jul 20, 2016
I thought of the Aboriginal Dream Time, which is a place of past, present, and future, and Native American dreamcatchers, which are designed to capture bad dreams and send good ones on to the person. Other ancient cultures revered those who could enter a trance state and interpret messages. Dreams have great importance in the Bible, too. I've also noticed in our group healing sessions that sometimes we have overlapping experiences. Although not actually dreaming, we are in another state.

Making use of and receiving guidance from dreams suggests a personal relationship with the guiding spirit and seems to be a universal gift. Today's culture is so full of distractions that many have forgotten this ability. Hmm, wonder why? I know when I reflect on my dreams, I see future possibilities, specific warnings, suggestions of a different direction, or a new way to look at a situation, for example. In other words, I'm in a place of co-creation. Does that answer the question of why certain people in cultures across time and place might want to interfere with this ability.

Fluff up your pillow, get in your hammock, or sit under a tree and dream away.

Thanks for the article.

This is a dreamcatcher. Bad dreams are caught in the web and good ones travel down the feathers to the person. It should be placed near a window so the sunlight will remove the bad dreams the next day.

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