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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

In the last two days Mercury has moved into Taurus for 18 days after being in Aries since mid - March which is longer than usual, due to being RX in that sign adding to the other fiery energies around and also holding up info we may have expected to hear during the time of the Aries eclipse in April .

Mercury has crossed the eclipse degree at the start of May and a lot began to happen after that time as there was a trigger of the same energy that we felt some of in April but not as much as I thought we would so remembering the Mercury Rx and Mars still in Aries to cross that degree Mars on the 26th when Jupiter moves into Gemini, we can only imagine what might be unleashed in the world and personally as Mars is the traditional trigger for powerful eclipses and it can happen months afterwards, but this is 6 weeks or so.

The effects I believe will be in effect from when the the Full Moon takes effect which is any time now as lunations are also timing points for major astrological events, aspects too.
In the meantime Mercury in Taurus is helpful for a steadier and more stable mental outlook for all of us to process unusual or unexpected news and happenings promised by the eclipse in Aries, plus Venus crossing the eclipse degree last month near the Jupiter /Uranus aspect which is still largely unfulfilled in its meaning.

Remember how I explained that same aspect many years ago in Taurus preceded the start of ww2.

Mercury has also been in a square aspect to Pluto in the last days, a very introspective aspect of rather intense thought, even brooding for some, but always helpful for analysing of data to see way below the surface of life and peoples intentions. This aspect is a little obsessive but definitely full of focus, going very deep, which will slow us down in our thinking so we are not getting ahead of ourselves .

Especially as today Venus is conjunct Uranus in Taurus 23 degrees pretty close to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction last month .

The latter aspect itself causes some nervous tensions as a rule, even anxiety for some on emotional levels but restlessness and rebellion could be the main effect.
Venus is political and Taurus has a lot to do with our security, comforts and stability on all levels so this could bring the unexpected for sure , another reason its good to have a Mercury in Taurus backup .

Venus/Uranus is an aspect of sudden meetings, unexpected happenings that take us out of our comfort zones for sure and often we are left wondering if it was real , so it shakes us up no end.
Globally this will likely have a political effect bringing a development we didn’t expect but then so will the revisited eclipse effect in the coming week.
Taureans, Aquarians and Librans too could be feeling all of the above more than most.

Today is also an apogee Moon furthest from the Earth but still exuding a strong power on we humans below.

I am thinking whatever is happening is going to be expressed fairly soon so that when Jupiter moves into Gemini we people of this world will learn more than we have for a very long time and life will become much more exciting than it has been, with less rules to stop our moving with more freedom around this planet.

People will more naturally demand to be heard also by the powers that be. Networking ideas will be easier and more expansive.

A promise of good things to come is the Sun conjunct Jupiter tomorrow at 28 degrees Taurus, preceding the Full Moon in the Jupiter ruled Sagittarius 5 days , an aspect of celebration and positive feelings of liberation in itself.

There is always a feeling of relief or release, triumph or joy when this aspect occurs in our own transits, just as there is if it crosses other important angles or points in our birth charts.

This aspect will be pretty special for Taureans and Sagittarians, Leo types too I would imagine.
But with the Sun involved we can all benefit. Certain world leaders too.
The daily aspects are fairly fleeting of course but still a promise of good things to come, depending on what else is happening at the time.

So now, as the Sun approaches Gemini , the planets are telling us there is much to look forward to even though Mars and Jupiter will have a message that’s not yet revealed that could be quite shocking, but something or someone is going to emerge with a lot of force and power soon that should be big news for the world.

We know the Full Moon will bring things to fruition and this one will be no different in that regard. This Sagittarius/ Gemini fueled week ahead is the follow up to the mysteries of what was hidden in the eclipse month, and I for one am very excited about what will be revealed about our collective future and the lessons we have learnt (or not) .

Some strong effects of these signs are our beliefs, communication, travel, lawful versus legal law, (the latter is a big one with what is ahead), education, media, sport (Olympics are happening soon)

This period we are in is karmically connected to the last major world war (via Jupiter/Uranus) so its important for all of us who live on this planet for our future evolution.

Art by Alex Florschutz


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