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Jul 19, 2016
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“Throughout life, we will find ourselves in situations where our belief systems are strongly challenged. Confrontational situations sometimes force us to re-examine whether our belief’s need to be modified or updated in order to accommodate new information and new experiences. In reality, it is the energy of the soul and the actions of the higher self that place us in difficult situations in order to stimulate our spiritual growth and development.”…“As we learn to embrace new ideas and experiences with greater openness and awareness, without preconceptions, the resulting shift in consciousness can eventually lead to a clearing and opening-up of energy flow through the sixth or third-eye chakra.”
— Richard Gerber, M.D, A Practical Guide To Vibrational Medicine


This is a great book, one I own and have read. I used it as a reference, alongside my intuition and a collection of other books, when composing a detailed explanation of the seven primary chakras which you can find here on my site:

This book is available on Amazon:

Has anyone out there read it? Did you like it too?

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