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Jul 19, 2016
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Clif High talks about the earth change predictions in a new audio podcast here (, which I'll summarise below.

In early years he was spot on with many predictions via the webbot, including earth changes, but over time the earth change predictions started to not be so accurate, from around 2003-2005. He thinks he’s worked out why.

His conclusion: WEF (Khazarians) were deliberately polluting the language on the internet, propaganda style, to make it seem like certain earth change events would occur on the Earth. He didn’t see this back then.

Basically, WEF started the narrative on climate, which included manipulating the education system from the 1950s onwards, to brainwash scientists into thinking man is part of the climate changes and so called global warming, He also states Nibiru/Planet X (causing negative events) is bullshit and came from WEF.

In QHHT sessions I did years ago now, Nibiru was predicted to have a positive effect, not negative.
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Aug 15, 2016
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Laron, thanks for posting. I would also just add to that the question if Clif is intimating that Zechariah Sitchin was also produced by the WEF, as a lot of the Nibiru ideas can be traced directly to him (at least meaning it was Zechariah who publicized these ideas).
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Nov 1, 2018
Yep, we are actually possibly due for a Maunder Minimum where the earth is colder than normal. The last one in the 1600s had several years of cold which killed a lot of crops, and many died from starvation. Not to be confused with large volcanic eruptions which have also killed crops for a whole season here and there.

More info:

A 'Little Ice Age' which caused severe winters in the 17th Century could return in [2020]' time due to a predicted fall in solar activity. "Inspired by this success, Zharkova and her co-authors extended the prediction of solar activity to future cycles. They discovered that the waves become fully separated into the opposite hemispheres leading to a sharp decline in solar activity in years 2020 to 2050 – comparable with the conditions of the Maunder minimum in the 17th Century."

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