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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
mercury RX best.jpg

Just a reminder that Mercury is at station before Rx today ready to stir the pot for Geminis and Virgos and anyone ese with a strong Mercury in their birth chart, also probably for Arians or people with planets or points near that degree.
But I mean all of us in fact!.

First though he will make time stand still for us all no doubt , for everyone in different ways. I hope you don’t find yourself stuck in a queue somewhere as that’s one thing that could happen or maybe suddenly you will find yourself able to take care of something you have been putting off for a long time like I did.
For me I was finally able to drive again in a country I hadnt for 9 years.
So good to be back behind the wheel again as my Sagittarian Moon doesn’t like depending on others for transport.

Mercury will bring a lot back from the past to look at individually and globally. I do believe this Rx is very timely due to the unusual events ahead that will see us all needing to adjust our thinking, beliefs too, a LOT, before the end of this month although it will be ongoing as the planetary imprint of the total solar eclipse itself will have an ongoing effect well after the event. The fact Mercury is backwards during the eclipse will make it even more memorable long term. Because its where it is and WHEN it is Its also about a person, as well as information, as SOMEONE important gets a second chance. I am watching with interest the developments politically in USA at least, when the media allows us to as there is sure a lot we don’t see on the popular news channels. Most that is worthwhile is not seen on the main news at all or if so very selectively and full of prejudice as has been the way for years now.

The opposition of Mars to Juno on this day 8 degrees Pisces to Virgo is a sign of a lot from the past coming back to haunt certain people , the skeletons in the cupboard jumping out everywhere.

We are being warned to not believe everything we hear but at the same time be aware of hidden messages and look for signs around us as everything begins to switch around in front of our eyes, some things taking a while to get used to.
Its quite a day for Arians, Pisces and Virgos today. Some of this is about seeking freedom from oppressive situations. Some is about stepping back from over -helping others and focusing more on self.

Mercury going Rx is so we can catch up to ourselves, others too more often than not. as if he didn’t stop now and again we wouldn’t be able to assimilate everything our mind takes in. We have to stop a while to take stock , reorganise everything in our computer brains – get rid of what we don’t need and make room for more info. Some info we keep, some we toss out. I don’t know who invented Mercury Rx as always a bad thing and maybe there can be some info go missing and the missing turn up, some things forgotten , but other remembered.
It all comes out in the wash on the other side.

In the last article I mentioned Quintiles, an aspect of enhancing our mental abilities and bringing out our best talents and qualities.
Two turn up tomorrow so are almost in effect now along with Mars squaring Pallas, the latter to me showing some very animated even fiery discussions in a round the table situation.

Sun will quintile Pluto, Aries to Aquarius, which is an aspect of probing the depths of our psyches, finding our inner “Shaman” where there is always a little bit at least of magick.
May that which is hidden reveal itself in transformational, positive and enlightening ways especially with the Mars quintile Uranus , Pisces to Taurus to back it up with its own form of water/ earth sourced electric light displays.

These are helpful aspects to tune into the other dimensional realities being triggered this month, the many different cosmic events of the more unusual nature.
And speaking of otherworldly , one of the most spiritual of aspects is happening the day after with Venus conjunct Neptune at 28 Pisces very near the anaretic degree. This has to be auspicious and bring feelings of what I could describe as spiritual security , a strong contact for some of their own higher self, or at the least a special person or place from their past that will prove to be enlightening and a source of growth on different levels of their being.
Something to look forward to if you have been feeling out of touch with your inner self….

This will all happen in preparation for the very strong and life changing total solar PERIGEE eclipse, the most powerful kind possible . Do not forget that the "close to the Earth" MOON is about the people the PUBLIC so this highly independent outspoken New Moon eclipse will make its presence felt like no other. Aries is the start of a new cycle so we must prepare for that and the opposite sign ruler VENUS, in this case highly political will pass the eclipse degree around the 20th April in Aries.

History is about to be made politically ,henceforth but I am also wondering what other at least two events will occur , one has to be an earth event with all the Eclipse power plus the extra powerful Moon.

Its one eclipse I would not advise travel on if you can help it but if you do travel take extra care with location and travel plans. Have a plan B at least

I write all this on the Last quarter Moon which is a time for readjustment or review arising from a crisis in consciousness that may have come from the last Full Moon.. This can also be a time to reap the rewards or close a project/plan. This is not typically a favorable time for launching something new, as our "audience" may be critical or uninterested.

Keywords: Readjustment; Correcting; Elimination
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