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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
Mercury OOB.jpg
Mercury has been OOB since the 16th Nov and will be until the 16th Dec.

This added to the extreme effect of the Perigee Moon and Mercury conjunct the Galactic centre yesterday.

We know that out of bounds means extreme and acting a bit crazy or out of sync with the “usual" energies of in this case Mercury and the Full Moon itself.
As well as this the Moon herself was OOB so we got a double whammy as well as everything else I wrote about.

Mercury being ruler of Gemini also ruled the Full Moon.

Mercury was in ‘hir’ fall in Sag, hir oppositie sign meaning s/he had to work harder than usual and is not the most comfortable in this sign. S/he likes to keep things on a fairly basic level when it comes to communication and information and stick to the facts, talk a lot about them but, not dig too deep for hidden meanings. Sagittarius higher mind influence adds complexity , forces Mercury to think beyond hir usual levels and stretch hirself a bit.
So with the effect of out of bounds as well which is Mercury + Uranus combined we get rebellion and bizarre effects, and then there is the Galactic Centre very strong, bringing a lot of different effects happening in the world right NOW , also causing ripple effects within us too as the downloads are still raining down on us that will have a very long lasting effect.

There are a lot of mysterious goings on at present and much more than meets the eyes happening on this planet and to we human beings.

This is not a time for the fainthearted as we are being almost force fed information that some of us can handle better than others .but hang in there as it will get better when we “remember” what to do with this influx of new info entering our neurological circuits.

This DOES take a while to assimilate.

With the effect of the Full Moon the body and emotions can feel on overload during this time but it will settle soon.
Its different for everyone.

Mercury remaining out of bounds until mid Dec means s/he will enter Capricorn this way in two days, which will bring a bit of chaos in political areas as people tend to be a bit more rebellious or radical in their thinking at these times. And people means US.

Mercury OOB in Capricorn will be interesting indeed for those who have been waiting for the right time to have their say.
Capricorns , Virgos and Geminis will be the most affected by this Rx, OOB transit but for EVERYONE the general effect will be quite a change in our thinking, attitudes to life and people too and how we communicate and process new ideas , also our old beliefs can change radically as we find the missing bits in our own psyches, process old "rules" and question the same.

I am thinking that MSM is about to undergo another radical change that is more far reaching as people question more the sources of the information that is allowed to reach the public as the censoring is still extreme.

General Mercury OOB effects more personally can mean trying to talk to someone and them not understanding a word we say or vice versa, misunderstandings in general, unusual thought processes.

(I just remembered I had this happen yesterday when I was speaking clearly and carefully to someone who had no idea what I was talking about while the person next to them understood totally, the former with Mercury and Gemini extremely strong in their birthchart)

With this OOB effect some folk may suddenly begin hearing actual voices from the ether, messages from above in other words, Others may find ourselves being more obsessive , or it can bring information that’s been blown out of proportion, fixations , unusual news we wouldnt normally hear.

And for a few days Mid Dec Mercury will be retrograde as well as OOB so a crazy few days can be expected from 13th to the 16th when anything can happen and probably will!
The New Moon in Sag will be the 13th , 12th some places.

During the same time frame Venus will enter Scorpio on the 4th Dec . Neptune will station around the 6th which always brings unusual messages from above anyway .

Also In the time frame of OOB Mercury Mars will conjunct the Great attractor which could well be a specific person , world leader even or a person in the limelight who is expounding on something that draws a lot of people like some kind of magic, bringing strong reactions throughout the world.
This is the 14th Dec.

Soon after the Sun and its glorious light will reach the Galactic centre on the 19th /20th which is a powerful force in itself .

So yes a very interesting month ahead indeed.
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