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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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2 days ago Mercury moved into Gemini which is going to be quite over the top for Gemini type people as far as their social life and thinking processes are concerned.

So much talking to come in this stage so remember to take time out to relax and just breathe, Gemini peoples, in the coming 2 weeks.

Isn’t it interesting that this has come (in NZ at least) at the time of the decision to drop from level 3 to a rather still strict level 2 but at least people can get out and see each other again. Both Mercury and “hir” sign carry social energies and a need to network with others.

Virgos will also get a boost in the brain department with all of the above as well the rest of us .

So this is a good time to take care of important paper work, speaking, writing, study, also and probably most importantly hit the road or get on a plane if you want to or need to.(Although good luck with the booking for this).

Many people will also finally be moving house. Everyone will be on the move so I might wait until after the 2 weeks is up to go further afield than usual.

The important news for now is that Mars after 6 weeks has moved from Aquarius to Pisces which brings a more relaxed energy for many of us although there is a slightly passive/aggressive energy with this for some.

It tones down anxieties for many but it could increase the alcohol intake seeing bars are reopening in many places. Mars will bring dancing once more too (at a distance to ones partner of course) but who needs a partner anyway if there is good music being played.

Mars in Pisces brings water sports and swimming back to our worlds.(This was banned here for a long time). Another basic human right taken from us by an overzealous Saturn effect.

But our creative impulses will be at an all time high so out come my paintbrushes again.

Arians will be enjoying some of the creative pastimes no doubt and be feeling the Pisces energies strongly one way or another, tending to be more introspective than usual and very aware of their intuitive abilities and a need for compassion towards others.

Pisces will be fired up for action and wanting to stay busy, get out into nature or to the beach. Take care Pisces so as not to be accident prone or have a short fuse, but enjoy the extra courage..

Many Pisceans will have the company of an Arian type person in this period ahead depending on the degree of your Sun but those born early in the sign will notice this first. For me it will be around the 22nd May when things get exciting so I will have to make sure I don’t get to impatient and rush things too much around that time.

Virgos could also find themselves having to front up to an Arian type person some time in the weeks ahead. Their love lives should be more active as well but sparks could fly.

Other aspects are Mercury in Gemini trining Saturn which is a very grounding aspect for the Mercurial signs, also Capricorns and Aquarians.

For all of us it helps us to think in structured ways and communicate ideas with a responsible attitude.

And even more important news is that Venus in Gemini is at station before going Rx until the 24th June.

As Venus is already out of bounds (out of control of the Suns guidance) social life does take on a whole other meaning as we catch up with loved ones and friends, people we haven’t seen for a long time, and also we can resume what we left off so long ago now.

This is good for putting love, care and time towards different people and areas to usual. And this will cover a lot of ground.

It's time for showing we care in different ways to usual as the social distancing is still there so this will take some effort.

And some people will rebel with this double influence of Venus out of her comfort zones or normal routine.

Again Geminis will notice this most but Taureans too, and Librans.

And I haven’t even covered Jupiter’s station point tomorrow so will do that in a different post.

If you all feel a bit discombobulated at this present time then this is why. The world is changing once more and we all have to adjust. Not all is rational but again, life hasn’t been for some time.

So good luck with all that! Its still all a bit surreal from my point of view


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