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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
jupiter into Gemini.jpg

Jupiter is moving into Gemini today as I write this. Hes been in 29 degrees Taurus, the Anaretic degree for a few days so there has been a feeling in many of us of a great push for change as if we are simply over a situation and it has to change. "enough is enough".

People with planets in the first degrees of Gemini will feel this strongly whether Gemini or not. There will be a sense of urgency to change a situation or hear the news they need to feel better about life or themselves.

Jupiter in Taurus has been a little slow and ponderous and has urged people to seek out the pleasures of life especially food, spend money too that they may or may not have had. Seriously so many people put on weight in that time unless they h ad a very good reason not to.
I can guarantee those who have will lose it now as other things will take the place of the comfort food they sought! Now it could be information overload!

Jupiter in Gemini is in his detriment but all that means is that he will be so intent on gathering more knowledge and experiencing life that he forgets to look at the bigger picture so deeply.

But we need a bit of action, a bit of fun too . frivolous things to get our energies flowing again and we also need MORE information as we have not had a lot so Jupiter in this sign will have benefits we didn’t get before.
Its about gaining new knowledge and getting movement back into our lives no matter what and that can mean taking risks, even "rushing in where angels fear to tread", and to do that safely is the trick.

So most of my advice on it all would be use your discrimination more as to what to believe and what not to. Look before you leap but not too hard or you may miss out on the fun of it all and the experience.

However please DO pace yourselves.

A healthy dose of Saturn's energy in our chart is our conscience and censure and always has been for Jupiter's exuberance and sense of adventure. Thats why they work together so well in the solar system... One complements the other.

But after the very serious, restricting and controlling times behind us we need this Jupiter/Gemini energy to lift us and enthuse us without restraint.
Jupiter in Gemini wants freedom of speech, he wants action, forget the philosophy of it all! Forget the ethics even in some cases ! Just do it , get the info, and the right to express it and go for gold.

Jupiter in Gemini IS very sporting and does speak a lot of different languages. The Olympic games are coming up and this year is a year for travel without the restrictions of the last games. These games will unite the world again as they were always meant to.

Air travel is and will be in the news this year. Every airline almost is having a crisis. That will be sorted as more airlines rise up to replace them. The competition between them will be a thing for sure.

New study, new locations, changes of mind and direction for areas of interests and study will be huge from this point.
Choices everywhere so some confusion could occur for a period before people make their own choice.
This of course will all be moreso for Geminis or Sagittarians.

Those with both signs strong will come into their own as Sagis become more "Gemini" in nature and vice versa.
Geminis will become more philosophical about life and see the bigger picture more.

Some Sagis will become much more social and join with the common people maybe, get down off their sometimes "high horse" downsize their homes, as they love their beautiful large mansions. Maybe they will publish their own book at last or more of those they already wrote.
Or go on a tour to expound on their natural wisdom.

Geminis will get more ambitious to buy a ranch and breed racehorses perhaps as the gambler in them comes out. or write their own books, share all those ideas and the information they have so others can enjoy the same.

The amount of astounding books that emerge in this time will keep us happy for sure, if we find time to read them.

Wherever Gemini is in your birth charts , that part of your lives will expand a lot .

And by the way this is the best placement of Jupiter to write our own darned book that has been put on hold. Forget “writers block”! Forget upsetting people , just do it!

I could actually write a book about this move of Jupiter into Gemini and it probably moved in while I was working on this article. It had some hours to go when i began.
I did it in two parts as one would expect with Gemini involved.

If you thought people were on their cell phones a lot before now, you sure ain’t seen nothing yet!
Not to mention the extremes in new communication technology about to happen in our worlds.

And good luck to the Gov systems that are trying to suppress information as Jupiter brings light into the old patriarchal realms as does Pluto in Aquarius . They will work well together this year.

And by the way, possibly the most important info about this move is that Jupiter will meet with Sedna in the next day or so to discuss the oppression we have been under and the cruelty towards people that has taken place in recent years, how we have been held back from being our true spiritual selves, told what is best for us by so called medical professionals and Gov. Sedna has great empathy towards women, but also anyone who has been made a victim by the social systems or cultures world wide.

Jupiter will enter Gemini with Sedna's counsel, and he will not forget her message in the year ahead.
Sedna is demanding that we rise like a phoenix from the ashes to fly above said oppression and the victimisation of any social , cultural or Gov system, to express our true spiritual selves, to demand respect and our true rights as humans walking this earth together, without discrimination or control so we can all contribute and have our say towards the future of this planet.

Remember "WE ARE the light!"
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