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Jul 25, 2016
In my vortex of recent activity, I overlooked posting the week's cards. Better late than never, here's the weekly plus midweek messages:

Weekly message, Oct. 3

Summary: Right now, the undercurrent is raising a sense of hesitation on all sides of the matter. The basic code of reality is about to reveal a secret, a surprise, and change the story completely. There’s no way to control the code at its most basic, fundamental operation. The binary of 0 and 1 is about to yield something altogether new. Are you ready for that? Now is not a time to doubt yourself, but if you are, take a breath and get a grip on yourself.

The Fool (reversed) — The Magician (reversed) — Page of Cups


FOUNDATION: The Fool (reversed)

Are you feeling hesitant? Second-guessing your decision to move in a certain direction, or the wisdom in doing so? Perhaps it’s best not to take chances right now, perhaps it’s better to stay right where you are. You certainly wouldn’t want to be caught doing anything… silly. While you might not know exactly to the minute detail what you’re getting yourself into, expending your precious mind on worries won’t serve any purpose right now. Doubt only complicates things unnecessarily. Do a reality check while you have yet to put your foot down. Do you have everything you need? Are you sensing the lack of something you can’t quite identify? Take a look at the reality behind thoughts such as these, and others which you feel are putting up some resistance, however you perceive it. Set aside what need you feel to control outcomes and passages. Trust the way forward to show you how to go. Maintaining a lighthearted attitude is going to give you the grace you need. Nothing else is needed. Everything else is provided.

LODESTONE: The Magician (reversed)

You’re exploring the codes of reality creation right now, and that’s exactly the thing to do. It’s a good time to understand what you’re doing, before raising your all-powerful hand and deeming it to be so done. Consider the undertaking, and the effect your prowess as a creative force is going to have on the face of the world. You will certainly make a difference, even if you feel insignificant at this moment. Look at what you’re doing. Get real and take stock of your tools and your intent. The struggle may be real, but it’s not going to disappear if you tussle with it. Put down the thing you’re holding onto right now and don’t pick it up until you’ve had a moment to clear your head and heart about why you chose it in the first place. There may be a better way to go about your goal than you think. The code you’re exploring can reveal the way. Look for synchronicities and meaning, be open to revelation, and set your intention accordingly.


You won’t believe what happens next if you were told in clear black and white letters towering over your head. You won’t know it, either, until it comes. The little surprises that pop up for you are harbingers of a massive change that’s taking place in the background of reality, unstoppable, unavoidable, and complete. Don’t worry, though. If you’ve been diligent at doing your work, diving into your heartspace and rooting out the roots of all evil therein, you’ve doubtless paved the way for some delightful if unexpected discoveries. News is coming. The old ways are being challenged, as they always are, as natural cycles come again to wash clean the doors of perception. Is it really necessary to be open to such change? Truly, it’s the only way to see how the truths remain. Pay attention to the one who sorts out the code. There’s a key to understanding, but it probably isn’t what you suspect.


“Light is a pen, ruler, and compass drawing reality according to your codes of manifestation. Apparitions neither alive nor dead roam your mind, suggesting one or another activation of the codes. Each time you respond to Nine’s high rate of vibration, your codes activate in the precise order of natural divinity and you, as a result, become more able to Nine yourself, ascending past outdated, lack-oriented realities.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

* * * * * * * * *

Midweek update, Oct. 7

Nine of Pentacles

You’ve arrived somewhere… Suddenly, you’re face to face with something you recognize. A marker has arrived. The time has come for you to connect with a strand of destiny that has alighted on your hand. Can you expect everything to fall in line neatly, promising you success? You’ve already got the success, and everything already is falling in line. As you are a temporal being, walking in a world where time moves in a certain way, you have yet to see the full extent of this truth; however, your success is showing itself to you as clear as the sun in the sky. Strangely satisfying, this moment, yet it can also be enigmatically tricky to decipher. Don’t get caught up in making sense of it in terms of what you already know. Learn to listen to the language of mathematics, of music and dreams, and get the vibrations in sync with your mental workings. Or the other way around.

There’s plenty to feel good about, but maybe not such a pull to make a big fuss about it. Simple celebrations, meetings of the more sublime type, and grace-filled arrangements of your space—inner and outer—can do more to mark this moment than any fanfare possibly could. In fact, such a show of ostentation for your good fortune belittles its true value. You are meeting your own soul’s carefully prepared glory. How could anything you do make that any more special? Within the meeting of grace, humility, respect, and zen calm do more to allow a natural ebullience to emerge than any glitz you could spray on top. Let the moment shine through and you’ll get an idea of what divine splendor really is.

You’re nearly home. There’s a change in the air that you can sense, and life-giving abundance all around you. This portal before you beckons with a code your innate senses understand. You were destined to be right here, right now, with all that greets you likewise in perfect harmonic structure to boost reality into a new color palette, a new song. A new sense of self is upon you. Your code is ready to reveal what it has held at bay while you’ve made your way through the wilds to the edge of a domain that you know as your true dwelling place. You’ll find your way there, don’t worry. Listen to the new codes that are delivered in grace and the mystery of how, where, and why will melt into clarity and perfect order. There’s a new network to plug into now. Really new.



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Jul 28, 2016
I love the nine of pentacles!
She's so at home with herself<3
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Nov 1, 2018
You’ve arrived somewhere… Suddenly, you’re face to face with something you recognize. A marker has arrived. The time has come for you to connect with a strand of destiny
I have had dreams like this quite a lot for the past 4 years. I'm at a place that seems new to me, yet I know exactly where to go and what to do.
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