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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Its Summertime in NZ and I spent some time at a beach my family has been going to for over 80 years, before I was born and in the 50’s a Bach was built which is still standing in the national park. A family member now has the lease and we all chip in when we can to keep it…

I am home now, sunburnt, achy from climbing over rocks and carrying a pack as Im getting on in years now and there will come a time when I will not visit any more but not for a long time I hope.

I actually slept in a tent on New Year on the lawn so was able to listen to the NZ native bird dawn chorus on waking and the Wekas crying out to the world.(They steal our stuff if we leave it lying around, shoes, pens, glasses, whatever they can get their beaks around).
Yesterday was the square of Sun and Chiron so as the Sun was exactly on my Asc I felt the pain but also had my inner healer/teacher to call on as I adjusted to life back in civilisation again.

Venus moved into Aquarius so I got back my objective focus.
Yesterday the Gibbous Moon phase began which is a time for organizing, integrating, and planning where we can make the finishing touches to preparation for the maximum light of the Cancerian Moon.

Many of you are already feeling this Moon as I know I am . This IS the strongest Moon of the year in the sense of being ruled by the MOON herself so it’s the people Moon, the family and nurturing Moon. Its about the Public , the MOOD of the people collectively and the collective unconsciousness therefore which the oceans are a symbol for as are the creatures that live there.

The Earth and we people on it are feeling wounded by the happenings of the last few years even if on subconscious levels. I freely admit my discomfort and shock, resentment and so much more of what we went through in the last few years and for those that say time heals wounds, this will take much longer than anything we have experienced in our lifetimes whichever view you take of it…

We have entered a year of great healing and on another level revolution as we have never seen before.
The Full Moon is about this and the bonding of the Earths people

This FULL Moon will be the time to do our own private ceremony or group if you wish as Venus is with you on that to affirm what we want for the year ahead and how we want to live.
I have mentioned that family will be important like never before as are the loyal friends and loved ones that have stayed with us through the hard times of the past …

Having said that the 7 year speaks of those who wish to be more solitary and do their work alone but they will still have in their hearts a wish for the healing of what has gone before, and the wisdom will come to them on how to go about it.

We have had downloads of information from Dec that we are still processing and that will be useful in the months ahead when it reaches our conscious mind if it hasn’t already.
This is a year to look for signs around us in nature or the heavens or our dreams and follow the signs, not to be self absorbed on our petty grievances of the past as some will choose to be as that is human nature.
Its truly a year to forget the petty stuff and focus on the end results while of course still taking care of self.

3 major planets change signs this year, Saturn first as he will move to Pisces to toughen up we fishes and set stronger boundaries for self, face our weaknesses and bring back our strengths as we will have extra responsibilities to consider and many changes to think about , decisions to make.
Keeping good health is paramount for Pisces these three years ahead and not allowing the material world to rule us.We need to keep a balance with our left and right brains and in our lifestyle with the creative/intuitive and the practical/analytical. . Our status can rise and we can succeed if we face the challenges and deal with them sensibly.

The same for Virgos who may also face a few challenges and major decisions until May when Jupiter moves into a friendly sign to support you and move you on to bigger, better things.

Geminis and Sagittarians will also feel Saturns authority and push to be your best selves , knuckle down and go for gold, accept the need for more structure in your lives and no longer deny your talents and abilities, or hopes and dreams. Saturn will stop any procrastination for both signs. And both signs must live more naturally and take good care of your health, take responsibility for self and use your critical thinking ability as much as you can.
We all must do that…

But Saturn in Pisces will take care of the victims who suffered most on any level in the last years.
Mars Rx and OOB in Gemini is still sorting out the media news which has been more wrong than right and pushing a theme that has been more destructive than most people realise.

I’ll write more about the planetary moves as we move through the year as I do intend to stick around the planet as long as I can.

In the meantime the Full moon will be at mid-day on the 7th in NZ , laternight in Europe , (6th in USA and Canada and pacific countries) , at 16 degrees 21 (on my midpoint of Saturn and Mars ), near my 7th cusp of ‘others” and in my case about children, family and relationships.

I think Ive had my Full Moon melt down and am ready now for the maximum light to carry me through to a new stage of my life. I am sure feeling that… This Moon can bring tears of joy or sorrow or both and this also I have felt already on deep levels.
Between now and then, today the Moon is in Gemini so communication is important, sharing ideas and information , reaching out to speak to and listen to others important in our lives.

Venus sextiles Jupiter so there is a receptivity with this, positive emotional vibes one could say and humour available as well , always helpful.

Tomorrow Sun will be quintile to Juno remind us to be kind to each other and not bring up too much from the past to taunt people especially close friends, partners and family.
Mercury Rx will quintile Jupiter which will help with the above freeing up our mindsets with receptivity.
Nearer the Full Moon, Mercury will oppose Pallas urging us to be brave and call on our inner warrior self to show others our true feelings and care as by then the Moon would have entered Cancer for the big event.

On the day Venus will trine Ceres, Aquarius to Libra to continue the theme of love and care to others world wide while the Sun makes contact with Vesta which helps us to contact our own divinity within so we can be fully aware of both parts of self , the Human and the divine.
This has never been more important than it is now with the new strength and knowledge we have to move into this slightly scary but very exciting world that awaits us.

I need to mention the powerful Apogee Moon effect the following day that will be in effect on the Full Moon changing our weather and our moods during and after the Full Moon.

The Sun will then conjunct Rx Mercury bringing understanding of what has passed and the wisdom to use that understanding to move us into the new reality of the future which is becoming our “now”.
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