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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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And I do hope it IS happy for you all but it IS a turning point and preparation for the month ahead with its total eclipse in two weeks time.

This one is penumbral which is a very subtle eclipse and very difficult to observe. A partial lunar eclipse is when a portion of the Moon passes through the Earth's umbral shadow.
Individually of course the Librans and the Arians , or that “type” of person will feel this the most or that "type" of person, or those with planets or points on the eclipse degree of 5 7 Libra , opposite too.

But its bigger than that as this is the preparation eclipse for the coming total solar eclipse, the first since Dec 2021 when a controversial world leader fell , with the accompanying political intrigue generated by possible corruption of a system that does appear to need a big overhaul . The fall of the then President was accompanied by a world crisis and a new agenda being implemented called Agenda 21/30 that is NOT a conspiracy theory as we now know by the tremendous changes taking place in almost every world Gov, or at least those who signed up for those same changes.

This agenda was generated by the U N and which included in its very long document to ”control communicable diseases” which would surely involve the common cold which is after all natures way of clearing out our mucous membranes . And we know that is part of nature as are most viruses so this last few years has opened up a whole new era for us all.
But I digress and I am not writing a book here, just an article.

Long story short. Libra is a political sign and this eclipse is heralding a message of coming changes in political systems that will be marked by highly aggressive moves by strong independent leaders who want to be heard.

So eclipses being what they are, we can expect some uinexpected twists in his month ahead AND tremendous breakthroughs both globally and individually.

I will leave the recap of the many different planetary aspects, the RX of Mercury included and the passing of Venus per the eclipse degree, plus Uranus/Jupiter meeting later in the month, til later but they are going to be part of the major factors that will have us on the edge of our seats for quite some time.
This penumbral Moon eclipse has already brought some big Earth events and some shootings with blame being thrown around, Royal news and more of what we expect pre a total eclipse . Also a move by an outsider in the race for presidency I believe.

The primarys in USA are a mystery to me but with the coming eclipse over USA they are sure to be in the news constantly.
This eclipse falls at 5 07 Libra and what many astrologers do not realise is that there are some hidden aspects they may not have noticed on the day.

I want to mention here that I wanted to make my move to my country of choice to live before this eclipse which I have done. I was compelled to in a very Arian driven sort of way and I am not quite sure of all the reasons at this stage.

This eclipse today is the beginning of great changes worldwide.

The Sabian symbol for the degree after(we always use the following degree) is “ a man watches his visions taking a concrete form before his inner vision”. This is pretty amazing imo knowing this is political . Someone in the running is going to have a success that is very helpful in the running.
The symbol means that ideals are not only brought to the light of reality (crystallised) but are being put to the test.Its a good time to visualise our thoughts and feelings as doing so will make it possible to project your creative ideas out into the real world. It depicts a vivid confrontations with ones objectives.

Today Venus is conjunct Nessus around 16 degrees Pisces. This speaks of much that is hidden, many hidden motives in fact, some that could be highly devious .
Venus is the political planet. Pisces is the sign of hidden matters but also great healing . This is a time to front up to our shadow self and that of others also.

This eclipse is for releasing deep ancestral patterns of helplessness and oppression so how this manifest for individuals and politically is anyones guess . This Nessus energy speaks of very old grievances, blame and revenge but also opportunity to let go of the past and the darkness in self or others.
Forgiveness and a new start is needed on all levels. Venus will help us focus on the positives such as forgiveness and unconditional love.

For instance we do not have to LIKE people but accept their part in our overall physical contract and evolvement.
Kaali, another deeper, darker but majorly transformational planetary body is at station right now to Rx. 24 degrees Scorpio.

This Rx urges us to explore the hidden parts of self, emphasising our own personal feminine power whatever gender we are, to be aware of our own kundalini energy and to use it in ways that does no harm to others , to stay grounded amongst the powerful energies that are coming to us from the cosmos at this time.

Kaali energy can help us get in touch with the most primal of feelings and needs, as well as past sorrows , death , but also renewal.

She will bring us power but warns us to use it wisely and honour it in ways we have not done before now.

Facing our own mortality is very much a part of this but remembering we are eternal beings with the ability to help change anything we want to in self or in this world.
Cosmically Kaali is the Electrical force – an awakening , an acceptance of a different lightening that pervades our universe as an energy of transformation.

This Goddess can protect us from negative forces if we remain well grounded throughout this time of unusual happenings and energies filtering through to this planet.

There is a lovely sextile of Venus to Jupiter, Pisces to Taurus at 16 degrees. This is helpful to me as my Mercury is 16 Pisces.
This should mean good news, positive help and support , not just for me but everyone in fact . This is a very supportive aspect to carry us all through this unusual day and time.

This aspect helps us all to remain optimistic no matter what and to celebrate the positives in our lives.

Tomorrow Mercury will conjunct Eris, around 24 Aries and we know Eris is of the nature of Aries AND Libra. She wants unity but she also wants to gain it at any cost even war, so this is quite a forceful aspect suggesting that someone in power is going to push hard for something that feels right for them and probably upset a few people in the process including Gov systems that need a bit of a revamp.

Again we get an influence of releasing repeating cycles or being forced to.

So these are some of the energies that are around at this point in time to contend with.

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