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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
cancerian full moon 1.jpeg


And to those with a Capricorn effect in their birth charts its pretty potent too.

I think of Bobby Kennedy with his Sun Capricorn and his Moon in Cancer very close to the Full Moon degree of. almost 5 degrees and wonder whats happening in his life these days.

This Full Moon is the strongest one of the year because it is ruled by the Moon… So its always powerful and it is a huge turning point for families, domestic matters, the public in general, people and their security needs and all things that enclose and protect whether body parts or public services etc …
It covers a lot of ground on emotional and physical/practical levels, financial too.

But the lead up is usually the strongest energy so soon it will be on the ebb again.

So the usual aches and pains due to fluid content in the body and brain increasing might have come out for many of us already plus the mood changes- emotional explosions- hurt feelings, more sensitivity, sadness and victim states for many, real , or imagined from the past, more impatience on the roads too at this time of year , more “domestics” for the co-dependents or dysfunctional folk(and who of us isn’t one way or another).

And focus on the poor and needy . Charity groups in my country and especially Australia take such good care of the outcasts of society at this time of year or those on the poverty line. ( I know as I have been there as a single mum struggling to survive, having to rely on the kindness of strangers).
Charity groups are all very “Cancerian” in energies and I know a few Cancerian "types" who opt out of family Christmas day and go serve at the tables of those who hardly ever see the kind of food they are gifted on Christmas day).

This Full Moon is a turning point for Cancerian type people to see the world through different eyes and get back on top of their game if they have faltered lately and use their tremendous people power, humour and Cancerian style leadership, creativity too, to their best advantage as we move more into this new world energy coming fast with all its challenges and new technology, so much newness to embrace whatever form it comes in, but it IS something we can all work with even if there is a little fear from the still negative media outlets that are designed to keep us living in fear and under the control of those in power.

This Full Moon rules US, "WE" the people as we have the power so lets stop grizzling about whats wrong with the system and change it, use our caring and nurturing, people skills to uplift people and not feed the fear that keeps us entrapped.

This Full Moon leads the way to a week of strong planetary energies as we approach the New Year with its new numbers that are as powerful if not moreso than planets.
Its a powerful 8 year coming up and that goes with the new cycle Year of the WOOD DRAGON that corresponds to the sign of Aries as an energy and will begin on the New Moon in Aquarius 20th/21st January …

In the meantime today CHIRON goes DIRECT at 15 27 (using 16 for an oracle reading as the planets are always moving forward) and is “Brownies dancing in the setting sun”. This focuses on using our intuitive powers and to search deep within for our own HS guidance and wisdom , plus primitive “knowing” for the answers to what lies ahead for us and how to access it , manifest it in our lives for the times ahead.

This also means although our physical energy could be low right now, our own spirit is strong and helping us weather any recent storms and overcome any fears of what could be ahead in the great unknown of the coming new Year.

We must look within and to nature around us, to spirit for signs and answers .

There is invisible assistance everywhere if we look for it and trust it.

We can “dance” in the energies of the spheres , rise above the material world for a while and merge into the creator God energy around us.

So that is todays influence along with Rx Mercury squaring Neptune which gives the same influence , increasing our intuition, our creative “flow”, ability to tune into other realms.

Of course with the Full Moon influence for some there may be a tendency to paranoia, addictive patterns emerging, escapism, so its REALLY important to look outside self a little more and ask for assistance from unseen forces if necessary as unless we ask we could flounder, except for those who already know these facts, or at least are willing to take the hint that they REALLY do know deep down.

Then tomorrow we have Sun trine Jupiter 5 36 or so degrees, Capricorn to Taurus, ( could be lucky financially for some) , a jovial, optimistic aspect of movement and expansion, throwing all to the wind, and with the Moon still in Cancer , so it should provide the upliftment needed along with that “kindness of strangers” energy if needed that is always nice to be around .

(Sagis, Leos, Taureans and Capricorns will benefit most more than likely but Sun aspects are for everyone).
There IS some straight talking happening however with Rx Mercury conjunct to Mars 24 Sagittarius. That is an aspect of" telling the truth with a razor blade" as the old saying goes, although I cant find it when I look it up any more but it existed, or similar).
(Aries and Sagis, Virgos, Geminis in focus).

Sag/Aries energy at its best and whats more it will be connected somehow to the past so we can face the facts and deal with them head on in a positive and constructive, no nonsense way having "been there before".

Theres no need to argue, just deal with it once and for all in a positive, optimistic and practical way even if it involves a bit of spending (Taurus).

This could be a very lucky break or offer to make the most of while its there.

The following day 28th/29th, involves Mars square Neptune 25 Sag and Pisces. Ive see explosions with this aspect , sometimes at sea, sometimes not- sometimes involving gases, poisonous chemicals, so take care if you are using such products at home.

Ive also see shipping and ocean accidents , more unusual happenings as fire and water do not mix so well at times.

On positive levels it is good for the creative energies and getting on with projects that require the same, art too.
Its good for getting out into the wilds but do take care.

Take care on the roads also as both planets rule vehicles and speed. Try not to randomly race on the roads or oceans for the hell of it.

I don’t think Id be swimming with the sharks on such a day.

The day will actually be in NZ the 29th but 28th some places.

On our 30th and between the 29th and 30th Dec elsewhere, Venus will move into Sagittarius increasing the urge to take risks and race off into the unknown after a time of deeper feelings and experiences.

Venus will be wanting some excitement, fun and games and not want to be tied down.

So Taureans and Librans will be off and running, Sagittarians will be looking for love or social contacts, and finding it but its likely to be just a fling if romantic, and not long term.

Then right at the end of the month Mars conjuncts the GC , very exciting at the end of the year, 31st here, could be 30th in USA and Canada. Europe ,UK can work it out for themselves as its in between.

The conjunction provides us with a force fed download of information once more from the GC whether we are aware of it or not , and whether we get the benefit of it or not right away as often it stays stored until needed a bit later but this is dynamic and it could be manifested quickly through some announcements being made by prominent people around New Years Eve.

There could even be a strong meteor shower or some other bombardment from space happening around that time .”fire from the sky “ perhaps, or unusual aerial phenomena.

Jupiter direct at 5 34 Taurus New Years day after being at station is very exciting with all this going on.

All your previous months transits of Jupiter aspects will be triggered on this day so you will be able to change course if you need to (especially Sagis of course) but also Taureans very much so, but this is for all of us. This is a day to take stock of anything legal or to do with education, property matters travel plans (as in sales or purchases) and dealt with, so we can put that behind us and move on to bigger and better things even if that aspect will turn up again before it disappears completely.

This is pretty heady stuff as we enter this coming year 2024 when the history changing total solar eclipse happens in Aries in April.

Art by Susan Boulet

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