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Feb 11, 2020
Read a fascinating (but disturbing) thread yesterday attempting to summarize the game plan that's occurring. I'm including the link to the thread on twit and I also saved a pdf of it in case it "vanishes". I just keep reminding myself that this is "information" and to stay somewhat detached from the message.




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Jul 20, 2016
The only way to win a war against the USA is to attack from within. Three reasons - no bombing because others need the food production lands of the middle and southern states, geographically, it is a large and physically diverse, and the population is well-armed. So far, it seems their plan is working - better in some places like the west coast.

The hope is that devolution is real - that we are going through this time of the resident as a means to wake up more of the people without a civil war - that the military and white hats have been working both behind the scenes, as well as in the open.
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Aug 15, 2016
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The Resident! I can think of another R word. Something that slithers.
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