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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
Eris spirit_warrior.jpg
Eris is now direct from 2 days ago so the Divine feminine Goddess power is rising up and unity will be fought for if necessary if it doesn’t happen naturally now that so many are awakening to whats happening in the world with the worst segregation for many years, encouraged by Govs using fear to rule us and mandates that are not laws, which most people are buying into to be "good citizens" and do what the "parent" Gov rules them to do.
This is causing more illness and stress than anything we have ever seen.

In my country its now libraries they are targeting for those who for their own reasons refuse the injection.

There is a law that surpasses Gov rules which is a very old law and is now being taught to those who want to help form a better world peacefully and within their own human rights without fear and control. This is now coming more and more into effect.

With regards to the peaceful aspect of it Eris may have other ideas and use armies that will fight with her for that unity as Govs push harder for control over our bodies and lives.

Today with the Moon in the very stoic and practical sign of Taurus, Mars in Sagittarius is squaring Neptune at almost 21 degrees which reminds me of the law of the sea which also has a place in common or natural law. This in turn reminds me that shipping is held up world wide as the queues to get into port stretch out more and more due to an event that happened in the Panama canal some time ago where a ship got stuck, although one cant help thinking its more than that as supermarket shelves world wide are getting more and more empty.(Paranoia is also a Neptunian condition).

This aspect today can indeed bring events with shipping and in our oceans so no doubt there will be news of the same.

There has already been a 6 7 earthquake in Alaska but no resulting tsunami.
As the Cancerian Full Moon approaches in 6 days and the Moon becomes Apogee in 2 days there will be more large Earthquakes in various parts of the world as happens more each month if there is Apogee or Perigee near the Full moon.

Mars/Neptune is an aspect of fire and water which is a dangerous combination and causes many sparks to fly of a dangerous type.
Its also an aspect of poisons and can bring mishaps with medications such as wrong dosage, or self medicating, with not so good results, so take care out there people to check labels of anything you are taking or even using for cleaning.

On a positive note this aspect can bring strong action for those who may have held back as Mars in Sag is very much an active force and goes directly for a target whereas Neptune in Pisces is passive and sensitive and takes a path of peace and compassion.

However Neptune when activated can bring a massive storm, so this is possible at this time, whatever form it takes.
If you have planets or points around 21 Pisces or Sag, or other signs you will find them activated today and especially so in the areas of your chart that those signs rule.

My Pisces is my home zone and "self" , and this is near my IC , and my Sag is 12th house where my Moon is and 21 degrees is near to my South Node so its quite an important and karmic/destiny day for me.

Mars is also quintile to Jupiter in Pisces which will help us navigate our way around anything that may begin as a major crisis.
Jupiter is helping with matters of law, education and human rights at this time for peaceful, but also motivated/active solutions .
Arians, Pisceans, Sagittarians, and that "type" of person are very much affected by todays aspects.

The Sun today is conjunct Juno in Capricorn (similar to the Venus aspect of the 6th/7th Jan )which allows us to use past experience of family or relationship strife and even family skeletons , that have caused emotional pain and anguish for us in that distant past, to help us understand and find resolution in our lives in this present time, so it is likely that some of us will be having some conversations with a specific person that trigger some of our old issues and theirs too but be able to find new ways of dealing with the same.

Juno is always involved in any relationship factor where there has been abuse or oppression. I regard this aspect as a healing energy. It happens at 22 Capricorn so anyone who has planets or points near this degree could be doing some soul searching into their family or relationship past today but with the Sun involved we can all tap into this helpful energy…
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Jul 28, 2016
I'm hearing the narrative start to change, in very real and quietly determined ways around me. Many times it's from people not generally inclined to step into anything that may look like trouble; persuasive, quiet people who are known in their communities.

If this is anything, it must be real change. After all, it's always felt like and the messaging I've heard has always been that this is how things really change. That certainly is my experience.

A bang-up beginning for the new year on some calendars with the year of the tiger coming up Feb 1 on others. Tigers are not known for being subtle nor weak. They are predators so when they move they do so with assurance agility and everything they need to do what's needed. They're also super soft and cuddly if you're a friend.

On a personal level there is, as usual, lots which fits. I am especially soothed by this idea:
I regard this aspect as a healing energy
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